Ina Garten Getting Drunk in the Afternoon Is the Most Fun Video You’ll Watch Today

Ina Garten Getting Drunk in the Afternoon Is the Most Fun Video You’ll Watch Today

Seth Meyers shows that the famous chef is, as it turns out, a really good drinking buddy. 

By Jenny Berg

We already know that Ina Garten is great in the kitchen. But she's also, as it turns out, pretty good at the bar — and not just when it comes to shaking up cocktails. The famous chef makes a superb drinking buddy, as Seth Meyers recently discovered when he invited her to get drunk with him in the middle of the day. 

For one of the talk-show host's "Go Day Drinking" segments, he met the so-called "Barefoot Contessa" at The Corner Bistro. What ensued was a round of Pimm's cups — then more rounds of more drinks — and lots of games as well. 

The games stuck to food themes for the most part. Sure, Meyers had to guess whether a barbecue sauce or a gravy was made by Garten or a fast-food chain, but there was also a kooky game that tasked Garten with pairing a photo of bare feet with the celebrity who owns them. Odd, but you know, also kind of amazing when Ina Garten is involved. It was a pretty wild ride, and maybe all the games would make more sense if you've had a sneaky daytime sip of Pimm's yourself. 

So grab your libation of choice, even — no, especially, if it's the daytime. Then hit play on the video below to see what it's like to spend a day knee-deep in cocktails with the one and only Ina Garten.

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