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Jillian Michaels' Keto Rant Triggered a Celeb War — And She's Just "Pissed Off" Another Cult Fanbase

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels is not done making waves.

By Alesandra Dubin
What Is the Keto Diet? Experts Weigh In... and Celebs Sound Off

When celeb trainer Jillian Michaels called the controversial Keto diet a "bad idea," she unwittingly triggered a multi-way celebrity feud over Keto, with a host of celebs including Al Roker and Andy Cohen passionately speaking out to defend the diet — while slamming Michaels. Things got rather "intense." So you might have thought that Michaels, having realized the potential for backlash, might have quietly backed away from making any other incendiary remarks for a while. But you'd be wrong.

Now, the trainer is going after yet another cult fitness trend — one that devoted followers feel as passionately about as Keto. Michaels is talking about CrossFit — and yes, she knows it’s “going to make so many people pissed off.”

In a video for Shape, she said, "My issues with CrossFit are as follows. First of all, you’ve got what — 20 to 25 movements that don’t really vary? And you’re doing them over and over and over again. So on one hand it stops being effective because you’re not challenging the body from various angles of push and pull, with different varieties of exercises and different types of movements that work different modalities. And I know CrossFit [followers would say] — ‘Oh, we work all the modalities!’ — but no, not really, so shouldn’t you choose a workout that has a little bit more flexibility and strength so you get more mobility, not just power, which is speed and strength.”

Overall, Michaels say that people need to be looking at "training in a more balanced way" than CrossFit, "to keep the body changing and keep your training more holistic by hitting all modalities of fitness."

Read what celebs have said about the Keto diet — both good and bad:

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