What’s the Deal with Kanye West's Famous Fascination with Charcuterie?

What’s the Deal with Kanye West's Famous Fascination with Charcuterie?

Pusha-T explains it all. 

By The Feast Staff

Depending on whom you ask, you'll get different answers about what exactly constitutes charcuterie. If you happen to be chatting with Bravo's Top Chef winner Kelsey Barnard Clark, for example, she'll give you an exact recipe that calls for — among other things — one hard, soft, and semi-hard cheese. Whereas if you ask rapper Pusha-T what charcuterie is, as Kanye West did, you'll get a whole different answer. 

Fans of Pusha-T probably know all about this conversation already, as it was recorded and included in his new "Sociopath" track. The conversation goes like this: Kanye asks, "Yo, what, what is charcuteries?" and "Push," as his fans call him, says, "Man, it's, it's when you go to your hotel room and they got the cheese and the f--king pepperoni sliced on a little wood board, waiting on you."

Indeed, that's pretty apt! But, how did this convo get recorded? 

"We basically record everything when we’re in the studio," Push told Rolling Stone. "That was one of those amazing quirky Kanye West moments. I’ve spoken to the fact that a lot of times when I’m rapping, and when I’m rapping on his production I’ll say things that he won’t necessarily know the angle from which I’m coming from or understand what I’m talking about. And this one particular time he just asked. He’s just like, 'Hey man, what’s charcuteries?' We happened to catch it on tape. He was like 'Oh man, you know what? That has to go in the song. They have to know what happens in the studio.'"

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