Even Kim Kardashian Admits to Going "Overboard" at This Fast Food Spot

Even Kim Kardashian Admits to Going "Overboard" at This Fast Food Spot

She's a Kardashian, but she's only human. 

By Jenny Berg
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The Kardashian/Jenner sisters aren't shy about sharing their occasional cravings for fast food. Kylie Jenner let her legions of followers know just how good an In-n-Out burger tasted when she was pregnant; Khloe Kardashian had similar thoughts while pregnant about Popeyes. And when Kim Kardashian hits McDonald's for a French-fry fix, she doesn't do so inconspicuously.

Still, that doesn't mean the reality stars don't have regrets after giving into their cravings. After all, they may be the Kardashians, but they're still human — and too much salt and grease can really crush a soul. So when Kim told The Cut about the fragrance that she most associates with regret, the Golden Arches came into play. 

"In-n-Out cheese fries and a cheeseburger," Kim said. "Or McDonald’s McGriddles. Maybe more McDonald’s because I don’t really regret when I go to In-n-Out. I’m like, Damn that was good and totally worth it. But with McDonald’s, I go overboard and get everything, and then feel guilty. Or pancakes with syrup… and bacon… it just smells like all of that."

But there's another food that Kim associates with happier times. When asked what friendship smells like, she replied: "Popcorn, because we always go to the movies with my friends." And maybe, occasionally, for burgers afterward?

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