Facebook Calls BS on Martha Stewart's "Fun" Hack for Cooking Scrambled Eggs

Facebook Calls BS on Martha Stewart's "Fun" Hack for Cooking Scrambled Eggs

Martha Stewart's idea of "fun" does not connect with everyone.

By Alesandra Dubin

Martha Stewart, in general, is not known as the quintessential everywoman. So it might not come as a huge surprise that her latest cooking "hack" didn't exactly strike everyone who saw it as a tip for simplifying and improving their lives.

Food Network shared a video on Facebook in which Stewart shows fans what she calls a “very fun way to make scrambled eggs." It turns out, that involves breaking raw eggs into a cup, seasoning them with salt, pepper and butter, and then (wait for it) using her cappuccino machine's steam wand to cook them. 

Stewart explains that her method, "steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs" — and "in just a matter of seconds." She calls her way "so very, very easy."

But Facebook fans... disagree.

Among the 4,000 or so Facebook users who commented on the video, many took issue. First of all, many pointed out, most people don't just happen to have a fancy cappuccino machine hanging around their kitchen. 

One noted: “Because everybody has a cappuccino machine. And no stove and frying pan."

Similarly, a Facebook user joked: "Coming up next, how to get caviar stains out of your persian rug using a $10,000 rolex. Oh the rich, they're just like us..."

Another noted the unnecessary circuitousness of the approach: "Next up: How to cook a brisket in your dishwasher.

And another: "And who's going to clean the frother?????"

Still intrigued? See the tip for yourself here:

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