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Does Top Chef Junior Host Vanessa Lachey Vibe with Husband Nick Lachey in the Kitchen?

The couple explores the merits of the five-second rule.

By Tamara Palmer
Curtis Stone and Vanessa Lachey Are Excited to Host Top Chef Junior

Vanessa Lachey, her husband, Nick Lachey, and their children form a cool party of five, and having a house full of different types of eaters surely prepared her for her tenure as the co-host of Top Chef Junior.

Vanessa recently opened up to us about her family's eating habits and how they cook together.

Her husband is super easy, she told The Feast. "Nick is not a picky eater," she said. "Nick will literally eat — if it falls on the floor, he’s like, 'five second rule,' and he’ll eat it. But if it’s like, pizza face down he won’t eat it. He just feels for his stomach."

Her daughter is also pretty adventurous.

"Brooklyn wants to try everything, which I love. And then sometimes she’s like, 'I don’t think I like that,' or, 'I like that.' She’ll just try it."

Her oldest and youngest are slightly different.

"It’s not that Camden’s picky — he was our first-born so I was super OCD with him if you will. I would clean, I would split his food up, if he got something on his hand I wiped it away immediately. If he had food on his face, I would wipe it down and I always kept a clean eating area with him. Now by the time with Phoenix, if it’s on the floor I’m like, 'Well, I’m gonna clean it up later.' I just want to enjoy his food journey and we’ll get through it. So, Camden is just more particular about the process. He wants his place with the compartments and his fork and his drink and his napkin, whereas Brooklyn’s like, 'Put it all together! I don’t care.'"

Vanessa and Nick have learned how to vibe together well in the kitchen so that they can be adaptable to what their kids want to eat, and when they want to eat it.

"Camden is now transitioning to eating with me and Nick because realistically, a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old aren’t eating the same things we’re eating and they’re not eating at the same time," she explained. "I think that’s the bigger thing. Of course I can find things for them to eat that we’ll eat, but it’s time. They’re hungry at 5 o’clock and Nick and I aren’t hungry for dinner at 5 o’clock. So, we feed them dinner and then we give them their baths and we let them hang out and wind down and then they go to bed. But Camden’s getting a little older, so now he’ll go down and explore and say, 'Can I have a second dinner?' which means he’s gonna sit down with Mommy and Daddy and try whatever it is we’re having. And sometimes he sits the whole time and sometimes he’s like, 'OK, I’m good,' and he doesn’t, so it gets me excited for when all five of us will be able to sit down at the same time and have the same thing and I make one dish and we all eat it and talk about our day. So, it’s coming, sooner rather than later."

Don't miss Vanessa Lachey and co-host Curtis Stone on Top Chef Junior, which airs Saturdays 6/5c on Universal Kids. Missed any episodes? Catch up online and you'll be ready for the Season 2 finale this Saturday.

—Reporting by Laura Rosenfeld

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