Kandi: Kevin Went the Extra Mile

Kandi: Kevin Went the Extra Mile

Kandi lets us in on Garrison's journey from soccer mom to The Big O, and Kevin's move from nice guy to R&B star.

The Soccer Mom and the Listener
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Read Kandi's full transcript after the jump:Oh my goodness. . .I thought that Garrison was going to be a lot more exciting than how she actually turned out to be. Her over-the-top personality on that tape -- it wasn’t as big and as fun as exciting in person. In person, she was kind of giving us soccer mom, or you know, not coming off like a rock star like I had hoped.

She kind of disappointed, because I thought if anything, that’s where she’s going to shine, and she didn’t quite do it.

Kevin on the other hand, when he came here, he wanted this so bad that he really showed it. Every single day, he took what we taught him, and he improved every single day. He brought things out of a hat that I wasn’t even expecting. Like, he brought out the flowers –- we didn’t expect that! All the little notes that we gave him about eye contact, and all that (which are very important as an artist) -– he took it all in and he made it happen. Gotta give it to him!

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