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The Kandi Factory Team Speaks

Kandi's team shares more info on how the choreography, production, and wardrobe of each performance comes together.

Don Vito, producer

Twitter: donvitoxl
Instagram: donvitoxl Tell us a little bit more about your process of working with the artists on the show? What are you trying to accomplish with each person?
Don Vito: I try and keep the process simple by custom-making each song for each contestant. This usually starts by looking at their video submissions. I listen to their story and look for something unique or special, and once i do that a melody or picture comes in my head. As far as what the beat should sound like: it's like magic. My goal is to give each contestant their own Individual voice. Which artist do you think was in need of the most help this season?
Don Vito: Their were two artist that I feel like were in need of help bad Terrence Murphy and Kevin Dancy. Which artist do you think grew the most in their time on the Kandi Factory?
Don Vito: I think Sweet Tooth grew the most giving the short amount of time we had to work with him. How did you get started working with Kandi?
Don Vito: I started with Kandi a few years back when we were working out of the same studio. We use to always play what we were working on for each other and critic one another's work. We would always say to each other, "We need to work together." We actually had a project that we worked on together called Peach Candy, it was a rap group with Kandi and Rasheeda from Love and Hip Hop. Which artist do you wish you could work with?
Don Vito: There are a few artist on The Kandi Factory that I am looking forward to working with: Lauryn (L.A. Story) ,Mathew Cash, Sweet Tooth, Lizzy Van Patton, and Jen Nesi Kwame Waters, wardrobe

Twitter: 4kwamewaters
Instagram: 4kwame
Facebook: KwameWaters What are you trying to achieve when you’re dressing someone for a performance?
Kwame: I feel that my job is to provide the icing on the cake, if you will. I strive to create a look that is marketable and true to the personality of the artist and the mood of the song. I feel that the wardrobe should enhance the performance, not hinder it. Of the episodes we've seen so far, whose look were you most pleased with?
Kwame: I would have to say Sweet Tooth so far. I was able to take his vision of Sweet Tooth to the next level. He truly looked like a "Rock Star" on stage, and it made him come alive. Who came into The Kandi Factory in need of the most of a fashion intervention?
Kwame: I would have to say Sweet Tooth! He was a complete mess. The makeup and hair was a complete disaster! His look was a joke, and with out the transformation, people would not have taken him seriously. Which artists are out right now that you think are the most fashionable?
Kwame: Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Pitbull, and Beyonce. What do you think of Kandi's style? 
Kwame: Kandi's style has truly grown over the years, and I'm happy to be part of that growth. I would describe Kandi's style as sexy and confident. I think that Kandi is aware of her body, and that she picks pieces that showcase her curves. She doesn't try to hard! She's not afraid of colors, and she glows in them.

Victor Jackson, Choreography

Twitter: @mrglamrocksoul
Instagram: @mrglamrocksoul
Facebook: Keep an eye out for his page, From Inside The Mirrorball, coming soon. How do you come up with the choreography concepts for each artist? Can you walk us through your process?
Victor: In coming up with the performance concept with each artist, I work on pin-pointing what environment the artist is most comfortable in. If they move well, I put dancers with them and if they're more of a vocalist or musician I opt for a live band setup. From there it's all about telling the story of the song's lyrics so the audience can relate to the message of the song, whatever it may be. What's your favorite number you've choreographed this season?
Victor: My favorite number from this season was Corey's performance to "I Can Do Anything." The bulk of my training came from musical theatre so working on his concept allowed me to put that knowledge to good use. What's your favorite number you've ever choreographed?
Victor: It's hard to choose a favorite number that I've choreographed but I loved what I was able to create for Lil' Wayne's song "Single" for his "I Am Still Music" tour. It was a naughty narrative of sorts and the dancers were all absolutely gorgeous! The stage was smoky and the lights were dark and moody. It was like a scene out of a movie and I loved it! How did you get started working with Kandi?
Victor: I first met Kandi when Derek J took me to Kwame's birthday party with him. Although Kandi and I went to the same high school and had mutual acquaintances, we had never actually conversed. After the birthday dinner we went to a popular live music nightspot and towards the end of the night she turned to me and said, "I'm about to start filming Real Hoousewives and I need a choreographer. Are you available?" A few months later she started filming, we started rehearsing, and the rest is history! Which artist do you wish you could work with?
Victor: There are a lot of artists that I would like to work with but one person at the top of my list right now is Miguel. I feel like his music is so sexy and every time I listen to it I literally visualize the performances I could choreograph for him. Four tall, beautiful, female dancers of varied ethnicities catching every beat of his band...I could go on and on but then you wouldn't be surprised when it actually happens!

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