S1 - E2

Marcel vs. Brooke

Marcel Vigneron and Brooke Williamson tackle high-end and humble ingredients as they fight to compete in the finale.
S1 - E3

Brooke vs. Mike

Brooke Williamson competes to keep Mike Isabella out of the running for a place in the Top Chef Duels finale.
S1 - E4

Mike vs. Stefan

Mike Isabella and Stefan Richter face off – after going on a field trip to get their ingredients.
S1 - E5

Mike vs. David

Mike Isabella and David Burke face-off with processed ingredients as Mike tries to keep David out of the finale.
S1 - E6

Mike vs. Tiffani

Mike Isabella and Tiffani Faison recreate past Top Chef challenges as Mike tries to keep Tiffani out of the finale.
S1 - E7

Tiffani vs. Nyesha

Tiffani Faison and Nyesha Arrington must cook with market items selected by Los Angeles food editor Lesley Suter.
S1 - E9 | Part 1

Kristen vs. Art

Kristen Kish tries to keep the final chef Art Smith out of the finale with a vegan/raw challenge.
S1 - E9 | Part 2


The chefs who have won their episodes of The Knockout compete to gain a spot in the finale of 'Top Chef Duels.'