Brendan's Tough Decision

Brendan's Tough Decision

Trying to find the perfect match can be hard


The science of dating can be a tricky puzzle by itself. Add the pressure of cameras and knowing that if you say something stupid, it's documented for millions of television viewers to see, and you have a whole different game entirely. That being said, Millionaire Matchmaker was certainly an exhilarating experience. Patti is a colorful and interesting character, but knowing that going in, I was open to trusting her formula and seeing if she could find women I would hit it off with.

At first I wondered, will these girls be genuinely interested in me, or are they just after money, or worse, just want to be on TV? I was pleased to find that my dates seemed to be genuine girls. Though quite different from each other and coming from two diverse backgrounds, I enjoyed my dates with both. Charlene is a California native, a surfer, the type of girl I think of when I hear the term "California Girl." Carolyn is more the Southern belle, transplanted to L.A., learning what life is like in a big city. I had a very difficult decision on my hands choosing between the two. But if neither work out in the end, I could always give Patti another shot. This experience was a terrific way to see Los Angeles from a different angle than I normally might. With exotic dates, beautiful women, 5-star accommodations, and the possibility of finding someone special, I say why not?!


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