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The Real Sanford And Son

The "millionaire" and faux Chris Angel

By Patti Stanger


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I basically felt "punked" when I took Julien on as a client because I still don't believe to this day that he is a millionaire. The whole experience was a little different, and was not the smoothest thing that I would have liked. I think unless Julien goes out and buys a condo for himself, or even rents himself an apartment in Beverly Hills Proper, he's b.s.-ing me! Anybody who lives the way he lives, and calls himself a millionaire...even "Sanford and Son" lived better. I mean it's ridiculous. I think he "talks the talk," but does not "walk the walk." As long as he continues to go for the hottest girl, and wants her to love him without his money, he's fooling himself, and is going to be single and alone for the rest of his life.

As far as BoDean goes, I wasn't feeling sincerity from him. He came on to me very strongly, and then he came on to the girls in my staff very strongly. I feel that he is just the ultimate flirt and that he's not serious. At the end of the episode, I asked him "what are you going to do about Tara? Are you going to call her, ask her out for a second date?" He said, "We'll see."

He was very "airy-carry" and wishy-washy about it, like he's bigger and better dealing it already and serial dating. It was making me feel like he wasn't as sincere as the rest. He's already had his kids and he's been married so he wants to play. He wants to delve into that adolescent behavior that he probably didn't get to indulge in when he was a young kid. He's walking that Chris Angel line, which is so creepy right now. Him and Copperfield (shiver.)

As for the restaurant where this episode took place, I loved it! I thought the atmosphere was beautiful and the surroundings were wonderful. It was a very easy place to get along. In the end, I thought the whole event went smoothly.

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