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Ask Patti: Picking Up Men!

Where are the best places to meet men? Patti shares her secrets!

Hey Patti,
I have a question and a comment for you. I saw in the last episode with the plastic surgeon and the CEO of some internet company-There was a lady that showed up to the meeting and she was totally not welcomed. She insulted you about your age and not having a man (or husband) and you not being married. Well, in your defense, you made a comment stating that your "SELLING LOVE." That statement bothered me tremendously. Why? Because LOVE CANNOT BE SOLD OR BOUGHT. You are selling mere opportunities for wealthy men to hook up with any woman from your litter. If two people fall in love (or not) then those two people have to make that happen, if they connect. Then you recommended that your client allow his penis to choose the woman that peaked his interest. That was contradictory to is it LOVE or LUST that you're selling?

OK, sloooooow down. Relax. Stop taking everything literally. Let me clear this up for you. My staff and I are in the BUSINESS of love. We have a life and time that must be compensated for what we do – we wish we could do this for free, but we can’t. We are NOT the manufacturer of the product, we are merely distributors. We cannot make someone fall in love with you. We can only say – if you don’t screw this up, you two are a good fit! There is a human factor – its not like ordering pizza! As for the penis doing the picking – guys are (usually – uuuuusually) picking from their waist. I can encourage and recommend certain behavior – so that they learn to LISTEN to the matchmaker. If you stick your finger in a light socket and get shocked, you know not to do it again. Lesson learned.

I love your show. I've gained great insight into the male psyche from it. However, I've had a hard time finding my own soul mate. I've had 2 "starter" marriages and I have 2 kids living at home. Do you have any advice for single parents that will help in finding that one right person?

There are single parent dating sites all over the web and workshops you can go to – do some research and I’m sure you can find a great one. Remember – good things come in threes.

Hi Patti,
I'm a 19 year old college student and haven't had a boyfriend yet. I can't seem to attract any guys at my school and can't figure out what's up. I see the stereotype guys who want the 'easy' girl and that's just not me. I'm not a huge partier so I don't meet a majority of the guys. Any suggestions for finding a good guy at college?

You need to look in the mirror and ask what you’re doing wrong. So many women ask, “Why doesn’t he like me?" Are you dressing nice, doing your hair, working out? Are you pleasant to be around? What do you have to offer? They want the hot guy to be attracted them – when they don’t spend anytime on themselves. Not being the ‘easy’ girl is a GREAT thing – own it – use it to your advantage.

Hey Patti,
My friend just called off her engagement. They keep asking me for advice, and I know they belong together. I need help being their matchmaker! Any tips?

There’s a reason they called it off. Careful you don’t help force something that shouldn’t be forced. Read my book Become Your Own Matchmaker and it will teach you the tricks of the trade!

Where does a 24 year old girl go to meet nice men who are looking for a relationship? I don't have luck at bars and am sick of dating co-workers! Where do I go to find Mr. Right?

You can find my best tips to picking up men by watching "Where To Pick Up Men" right here" on!

Hey Patti,
I wanted to say a few things but first off let me say that I love your show. I am 33 and still single. I have been pretty content because I am a very independent woman, but I wanted to see if you could suggest the best places to meet men because I haven't had any luck with the recent set ups.

Need more places to pick up men? Watch "Where To Pick Up Men Part 2" right here!

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