Ask Patti: Who Should Pay?

Ask Patti: Who Should Pay?

Who should pay on a dinner date? How can you try out for a Millionaire mixer? Find out!

Hi Patti,
When going out with someone for the first time, whether it is coffee or dinner or whatever, should I offer to pay for myself? I have thought this was polite, since at this point I really don't know much about his income, but maybe this is a turnoff? In these "modern" dating times, how do men in their mid 30's to mid 40's feel when the check comes? Thanks and I love the show!

A lady never pays for themselves unless you are masculine energy. Your company to a true gentleman is the gift in itself. In this day and age a man feels good when he does good, which means he loves taking a woman out and paying the bill. Any man who complains about this is not a man, but a boy.

I was wondering where do you find the girls or guys for the mixers?
Rebecca Little

They are pre-selected through the network and anyone can try out.

Hi Patti,
I need your expert advice - my daughter is dating such a loser and she will only take advice from you! Please help!

First of all, run to the bookstore and get Become Your Own Matchmaker which teaches you how to un-bond to a loser. The reason most people are bonded to jerks is because of sex. She needs to stop seeing him and taking his calls. Give it 60 days after that and she will be un-bonded.

How do I join your Matchmaker organization? I have tried almost every dating site and can't seem to find men in their 40's who are emotionally healthy enough for a relationship...where else can I try?

You go to and follow the registration process. Anyone is welcome and I look forward to fixing you up!

Do you ever think it's appropriate for women to go to an upscale bar for drinks? I have had varied responses on this. Some guys think a woman is desperate and looking for sex if she is at the bar and others say they think she is a confident woman and they don't mind seeing a woman alone at the bar...what are your thoughts?

Yes, but I will give you a bit of a tip that will make you stand out from the crowd. “Those who travel in packs do not attract.” If you go out looking classy/sexy by yourself, get situated at the bar, remember to tip the bartender well and bring a topical male friendly book with you between the hours of 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, men should come up to you once you smile at them. If the guy doesn’t offer to buy you drinks or an oerderve in the first 15 minutes of meeting you then move on. He is either cheap or waiting for a better deal to come along.

Patti! My question is whether you have any specific dating advice for bigger girls? I am young curvy girl who can't find a decent guy who isn't a frat boy or a player that only wants to get some. PLEASE HELP! I am fine being single for now, but I would eventually like to settle down.
Thanks Patti, I love you and your show!

First of all, I love girls like you. I too am curvy and often felt in my youth that nobody wanted me because I wasn’t skinny enough. I can tell you from this old, wise, love yoda that that is simply not true as plenty of men love full figured gals. The problem is, you have to go where those men are. Midwest/Latin men love the women who have a little junk in the trunk and often feel that the girl who is skin and bones is unattractive. You might want to take a vacation to Miami or hit Rush street in Chicago where there are 3 boys to one girl.

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