Double Dating Scheme

Double Dating Scheme

Justin describes his 'Matchmaker' experience!


As someone who has never watched The Millionaire Matchmaker before or heard of Patti, I was shocked when she came in the door basically yelling at me to grow up. That being said, I'm happy that I didn't grow up and that she still didn't change my mind. I only want to stay young at heart and make people laugh. I was willing to meet someone through her - however, the girls she choose, as she even admitted on the show, were pretty sub-par. Thus I picked the best ones. Although it was against Patti's will, there was nothing superficial about picking two girls instead of one - actually it was quite the opposite. I believe in choice and fairness in life, and I chose to take to take two girls out and treat them very, very well. Both girls really had a good time and in fact we are all still in touch. Patti was just jealous she didn't think of my double dating scheme first.

Patti should have brought me models - there are certainly enough models in L.A. to go around. But I did enjoy my time with Jennifer and Kate. Kate was annoyed because Patti only wanted to find me a Jewish girl, which is fine, but not fair to Kate.

While I was on the date, spoiling the girls with gifts and simply being a nice guy who is always smiling, all Patti could talk about was the drama. There really wasn't that much drama. In fact, Jennifer and I are still speaking today. Since Patti didn't find me my perfect girl, I suppose I won't be looking for one. I'll just continue shooting my films (one of which I just completed this month, Boy Toy, for my company and I'll simply let the chips fall as they may.

I want to thank my friends Ola and Lucy for being a part of the show and presenting the gifts to my dates.


Overall, I did have fun on the show and Kevin and I are still friends. I don't think he'll be taking any advice from the millionaire's club's again.

I do believe that somewhere inside Patti is a nice person. I especially liked how Patti made the announcement at the mixer that it was "The Justin Show, starring Justin Levine" - that's such a good idea, which naturally I already thought of. I'm going to start pre-production on that next month!


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