Ask the Matchmakers: Moms and Money

Ask the Matchmakers: Moms and Money

 Our matchmakers talk mom friendly pick up spots and economy blues.


I've been single now for 10 years. I was hurt badly before and subconsciously have made myself unavailable to the point where my life has evolved around my son. I have been out of the dating scene for so long, that I am scared. I don't even know where to meet men now! Any advice for this hard working single mom is greatly appreciated. - Tired of Being...

Dear Tired of Being,

Everyone gets hurt, it's sadly a fact and a part of dating. We have all been through some pretty major and painful relationships to the point that you think, "My God, will I ever be happy again?" My mother always told me when things get difficult, "This too shall pass." You have to learn to heal and recognize the value in yourself as you can't love someone until you love yourself. I too am a mom and know how your child becomes your world, but you can't let it overcome you to the point of shutting out others, especially when looking for love. You need to take the plunge and go out. Don't go to bars and clubs, go to nice restaurants, use internet dating sites, or matching services like ours It took me a lot of toads and a lot of heartache before I found my prince Destin, and I know you can too.  -Rachel

Given the abysmal economy, do you think having had a successful, fulfilling career and then suddenly being "downsized" will hurt your chances in the dating game? I am a female in this situation and more focused on my job search at the moment, but I am still seeking Mr. Right in the process. I would willingly date a man who had lost his job, but do men see it the same way -- in that they would be open-minded enough to date a woman who is in the process of rebuilding her career? - CareerGirl

Dear Career Girl,

Yes this economy is in the toilet and has effected just about everyone. The fact that you are pursuing your career is commendable, and no one has the right to look down on you for having "downsized," at least you are picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. As long as a person can make time to date then there should be no issues there.  This goes for both males and females. Men will respect you for having pride in your life and career. Good luck and go get 'em. - Destin


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