Ask the Matchmakers: Show Your Softer Side

Ask the Matchmakers: Show Your Softer Side

Our matchmakers suggest making time for dating and toning down aggressive behavior. 

I've been in the military for eight years and have now gotten out and moved home to WI. I'm 30 years old and have two college degrees. I'm currently a chef and love my job. Unfortunately, my job takes up a lot of my time, and also my location hinders my dating pool. I've found that a lot of guys are intimidated by me. I'm very blunt (not rude but straight to the point). I also have a lot of tattoos, and I guess that's become another factor in why men are intimidated by me. In reality, I'm a 5'3'' blonde woman that has a heart of gold, but I don't put up with BS. I'm beginning to think I may be alone forever! Everyone I know already has children and is married or has been married. Is there still hope? –Viewer222

There is always hope no matter what age you are. You have a few things however that need some fixing. Your job for one. In order for you to find love you need to make time for it. The more of a work-a-holic you are, the less time you will have for dating. Get out there and MAKE TIME to date even if it's on a Sunday. Number two, your demeanor is apparently too harsh. The more masculine energy you put out, the more the guys will be intimidated. It's not the tattoos that are scary, it's your energy. It's ok to be blunt and to the point, but don't get drill sergeant on the guys or they'll run away. Show the softer side of you.  -Rachel

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