Cougars Have More Fun

Cougars Have More Fun

Robin explains why she went with "himbo" Luke.


I am happy I did 'The Millionaire Matchmaker,' because I am BFFs with several of the other members of The Millionaire's Club. Men are a package of qualities and appearance is at the bottom of my priority list. Although I met a lot of great guys at the mixer, I was disappointed with most of the guys Patti set me up with. New York City girls want a guy who is smart, fun, has a great career, and comes from a good background. Looks are last on my list. But most of the guys resembled Patti's matches on 'Saturday Night Live' when she set up the millionairess with a blind man, a priest, and a toddler. Patti was THIS close to setting me up with a homeless guy for goodness sake! 

Hence, I picked the himbo. He is ten years younger than me, but cougars have more fun! Patti doesn't get the New York dating scene at all. She cannot imagine millionaires who want partners with a brain, a cool personality, a career, and a life of their own, rather than a vapid Hollywood starlet. Real men get bored by bimbos they cannot talk to. Accomplished women and fabulous gay men want men who have a life, not himbos who are after their money. 

At the mixer, Patti told me not to talk about shopping, the color pink, or Hello Kitty. She also gave me pearls of wisdom like, "Hello Kitty does not get a hard cock."  I had no idea, because I thought that Hello Kitty was romantic. My dream is to have a Hello Kitty wedding in Japan. So I tried talking about football, but that was a disaster because I don't really know anything about football. Okay, I admit I am not a supermodel. However, I think Patti should have set me up with men who were smart, had things going on, and were exciting. Frankly I didn't see my future husband at the mixer. So I figured I would have a good time. And that I did!  

I have achieved most everything I have set out to do in my life. I run Haute PR, one of the top beauty and fashion PR firms in New York and Facebook's most popular PR Firm. I live in a great apartment aka "The Pink Palace." I drive a red Mercedes, although I dream of painting it pink! I have two Pomeranians, Bruiser and Paris Hilton, whom I absolutely adore! Some people think it is odd that I give Botox to my dog, but Bruiser loves it. He's 8 years old, yet he has the face of a newborn puppy!  

Patti is very critical of the looks of other women. Yet I think she is doing herself a disservice by criticizing other women's appearance. Being mean and critical is a lot less attractive than giving a compliment and a smile. I am a big believer in girl power! Most of the Patti's viewers look a lot more like me than the silicone stick figures you see on 'The Millionaire Matchmaker.' It would be great for viewers to see more people who look like themselves on Bravo. Take it from me, as someone who hawks beauty products for a living; confidence is your best accessory!

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