Missed Connections

Missed Connections

Sean enjoyed his date, but he's still looking for love. 


I had heard a bit about Patti, but had not really ever watched the show before I met her. There's not much that could have prepared me for her though. She was one tough chick, definitely willing to knock me down a notch. She must have thought I needed that.

When it came time for the mixer, I was definitely excited to meet all the girls. Turned out that Patti had a mixology class in store for us. I had expected more like ten girls to choose from, but Patti only came up with four! The girls all had very different styles and personalities. We paired off and made drinks together, which was a fun way to see how we might be together on a date.

I chose to go on a date with Allison as she seemed the most spunky and fun of the four. We did have a great time on the date, going to Robataya for appetizers, I Truly for dinner, and then CV downtown for some dancing afterward. I tried to kiss her twice throughout the night and she turned me down both times. But on the third try she finally let me kiss her. There was some chemistry there, I have to admit. I was surprised by Patti's success.

We followed up a few times, but like many missed connections in New York, it didn't really pan out for us. So I'm still an eligible bachelor. Ladies?


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