Patti Doesn't Disappoint

Patti Doesn't Disappoint

Jordan thinks Patti's the real deal when it comes to matchmaking. 


When the news first broke that the 4th Season of The Millionaire Matchmaker was going to be filmed in NYC, some of my colleagues said to me "Jordan, you GOTTA go on the show!" I was both excited and nervous at the idea of putting myself out there on national television. I figured the upside of talking about my company ( and the possibility of Patti helping me with my relationship flaws in hopes of finding me a "match" was too big of an upside to turn down. 

I've always been a big fan of Patti's and was hoping she would be able to work her matchmaking magic on me. For those of you that are skeptical of Patti and her matchmaking skills, I can tell you this -– SHE IS AMAZING! Everyone puts so much emphasis on her not having a filter and saying some very uncomfortable things to people. What people don't focus on (which I witnessed first-hand) is how good she is at reading people, seeing their flaws, and working on ways to improve them. 

When I first met Patti, the cameras were rolling. She is EXACTLY as she appears on TV. She either loves you or hates you (there's not much room in-between). Being a CEO, I'm always making decisions and calling the shots. In this instance, I knew Patti was the expert here, and I had to just swallow my pride, listen to her advice (both positive and negative), and work on improving my flaws.

The biggest area of concern Patti had for me was my ADD and my inability to give girls the attention that they deserve. I went through some exercises to improve my body language and communication skills, as well as agreeing to (gulp) put away my cell phone for my entire Master Date!

When I arrived at the mixer, I was super nervous. Destin really helped calm me down (Destin = amazing) and from then on it was a blast. I met some amazing girls and it was very difficult to choose one girl to go on a Master Date with. When it was time to make my decision, there was one girl that stood out from all the others, and that was Bernadette. She was attractive, smart, sweet, funny, and someone I knew I would have a great time with on the date.

A first date is hard enough, let alone one that is going to be broadcasted on national television, so I decided that I wanted to plan an activity that neither of us have ever done before. We took a private helicopter from NYC to the Hamptons and went to an amazing winery for a tour of the vineyards, some wine tasting, and a romantic dinner.

I had an absolute blast, and I knew after about 30 minutes into the date that I would want to take Bernadette out again. So I asked, and she said yes. We ended up hanging out together for a couple of months and had a blast! In the end, it wasn't a perfect match, but I feel like I'm a much better person moving forward because of Patti's help (not just in relationships, but also with my family and friends, and with work!). I'm much more attentive now, I actually listen to what other people are saying, and my phone stays turned off while I'm out on dates!

I'm optimistic that the perfect girl is still out there, and I look forward to hopefully meeting her soon!

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