Qualifying the Chick

Qualifying the Chick

Derek dishes about his date with Colby (and Patti's hotness).

My experience began in April, when I sent Patti a video of myself begging her to help me find the "ONE." I explained that I've dated for years and now am ready to settle down and start a family. Patti agreed to meet with me, and man was she MEAN. At our first meeting she proceeded to yell at me and abuse me in my own home. She explained a few things that she thought I was doing wrong, and I have since taken her advice by "qualifying the chick."

Next was my big mixer at the beautiful Water's Edge. Traditionally mixers consist of two guys and a group of women. In my case however, Patti decided that she wanted to mix it up a bit and paired me up with a millionairess, Bryce. Patti thought it would be a good idea for Bryce and I to begin a friendship. I'm assuming because we are both single web developers with similar interests in NYC.

When Bryce and I met, my first impression was that she was a very serious person. I however am the complete opposite. We spoke on camera for a while and I didn't even think that she was someone that I would remain friends with beyond this experience. Happily, I was wrong and Bryce and I have remained friends! Surprisingly, once you get to know her, she lowers her guard and is fun. Not like jump up and down fun -- but fun in a quieter sort of way. After meeting Bryce I was introduced to a group of beautiful women who were all eager to talk about dating and the future. For a second it was overwhelming because Bryce and her group were right next to me, but once we separated it was smooth sailing. My dream had come true, me in a room with fifteen beautiful women. These women actually were there to meet me. So that part of it is very humbling. I talked with all of the girls in a group and then in smaller groups of two or three that Patti would bring over. Eventually I had to choose two girls for my "mini-dates" and then ultimately one girl for my "big date."

Andreea is who I choose after Colby for my second mini-date, but I was told that she was unavailable. So I then picked Kristen. After spending time with both Colby and Kristen on my mini-dates, I decided that I felt much more comfortable with Colby and that the conversation was much more natural between the two of us. Oh, and she is smoking hot.

I asked Colby to go out on a date on Saturday, and we had a ball. Patti later explained to me that an all day date isn't the right choice for a "first date." Our date started in NYC where I picked her up in the Pleasure Van aka  P2. Afterwards we headed up to the Bronx for a ball game and a few beers at Stan's Sports Bar. After my team was victorious we headed back to the city where I had a few things waiting for her to try on for our big date. Our date was on the roof of the Surrey Hotel and a delicious meal was prepared by Daniel Bolud. During dinner Colby informed me that although she did want to go out dancing, she had an early morning and it probably wasn't the best idea for her to have a late night. I was disappointed but totally understood. She had been out all day and was beat. Dinner ended with a kiss on the cheek and an, "I'll call you." I have since spoken to Colby a few times, but nothing significant ever came of the great date we had. 

After I met with Patti (who is super hot) for my follow up, she was an absolute sweetheart and spoke to me about what I can do in the future in order better qualify women before I date them.

Throughout this entire process I learned a lot about myself and about women. Unfortunately Patti couldn't help me find my perfect match, but as they say, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."




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