I'm Bringing Stacy Back

I'm Bringing Stacy Back

Rachel dishes about Stacy's return and the guy who said she had ADD at the mixer. 

Well our time in this magnificent city has come to an end. Why not go out with a bang, right? Or in my case an S-Bomb! Yes, that's right, our good old dancer, trainer, public speaker, dog whisperer, bounty hunter, and life coach Stacy Kessler came back for more. Isn't life grand?

Okay, so Destin brought in Freddie "Fred Ex" Mitchell, and that was neat and all with that Southern gem girl cheer leading on a rooftop, blah blah blah. It was really all about Stacy (insert jazz hands here). I'll get right to the messy bits.

So Stacey chose Eben, who in my opinion was not too shabby of a pick. But I think he was at the wrong mixer and maybe would have been better off at the Mr. Cookie Diet mixer instead, if you know what I mean. They meet up at what looked like a corner market at first, and then they sat down to a nice screening of "Stacey on Parade!" WHO DOES THAT?! She might as well have brought in mom and pop and some photo albums of herself through the years! I mean does "Meet the Fockers "come to mind? "Here I am waking up, here I am going to the bathroom, here I am making breakfast, and here I am throwing up." 

Then they saunter off to dinner where he straight up tells her he is not into her. She gets offended and wiggles away into the sunset to her next gig as a street performer. Did I mention the jackass who said I had ADD at the mixer? Anywho, it just goes to show you the nuts aren't just in LA-LA land, they're everywhere! And we here at the Millionaires Club get the privilege of trying to help fix them up. To whomever is reading this, please hear my prayers and keep the nuts in Bellevue to make room for those who really want our help. Home again, home again, jiggidy jig!

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