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Sticks in the Mud

Patti shares her thoughts on Frank's surprisingly conservative ways and Jason's lack of a personality.

By Patti Stanger

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This week is a great week. We've got Frank Marino, who is the fabulous drag queen from Vegas. He has the DIVA-licious show. I’ve always wanted to go. And I get to meet him at Drag Queen Bingo. So I show up at Hamburger Mary's and there's all these drag queens, and I'm like shocked, because I can't imagine what he's going to be like after seeing all of this. But he comes out pretty conservative. Very short. As though Liza Minnelli and Cher had a baby -- there he was. Long dark hair, he could be my twin brother. It was really weird. He's looking for a guy that he could spend the rest of his life with. And I think now he needs a guy that looks up to him, but in the same respect doesn't need his money.

Then we have Jason Bross. Now Jason Bross is one of these good looking, cusp of metrosexual types, very Ryan Seacrest, very good looking guy, which happens to be Frank's celebrity crush which was kind of odd. Jason flew from Pennsylvania, and he's looking for his wife. There's just one problem -- he doesn't really have a personality. He's kinda quiet, very dim, very introverted. I've gotta pull out the stop to get the person to unleash the soul that's within. And he likes really hot girls. Since Jason was wound too tight, I asked Rachel to do something for me, take him to one of our experts. She took him to one of our dance instructors who tried to loosen him up, do a little improv. I don't know if it's going to work, but he tried. Let's give him that.

Now the mixer: We have fabulous guys for Frank and fabulous girls for Jason. But I could see Frank eying Jason from across the room. And there was some kind of connection going on there, it was a little weird. I was a little worried about that. We bring them in, they all get to have meet and greets. And they also got their little mini-matches. And low and behold, after all these great guys that I pick for Frank he picks the pocket gay, Paul. OK. Alright. What am I going to do about it? I can't stop love from happening.

And Jason picks Allison, who was my hottest girl. She had been at my previous mixers. She was really a stone cold fox, a Megan Fox type. That was typical. I would have liked him to pick another girl -- her friend the snowboarder. But nonetheless, he picked the stick in the mud, who was like really good looking. Again he was going for the superficiality instead of what's under the hood of the car

I prayed these dates would go well. Frank took Paul to Vegas, to his hometown to zip line. And it was fabulous they had a great time. There was just one little problem -- Paul got a little too drunk -- almost hammered if you will, which was not a good thing. It showed his age and his adolescence, and Frank is much older and much wiser, and I think he regretted doing this.

And Jason picked Allison, which I think was a nice date that he planned -- you know, dinner and going out on the lake and fishing. It was fun, but Allison was like this girl who doesn't want to get her clothes wet. So he should have gone with the snowboarder, who may have not been a ten but an eight. Unfortunately he didn't.

I don’t think either of them are going to have another date. It didn't work out for either one of them this week. But I think they learned. And there was one funny bit that happened, where is Frank really liked Jason and asked him out. But Jason turned him down.

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