Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Patti explains that both of this week's millionaires still have some work to do in the dating department.

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So this week we've got two millionaires. First is my "MIT," millionaire-in-training. He's 22. Dad has money. He's living with dad, living the big life in Brentwood. He's adorable. He just thinks he's a big shot.

And then we also have Bill, who's like a nerdy Silicon Valley millionaire. He's a little bit older than Skylar. He basically wants the Playboy bunny of his dreams, so I bring Jenny McCarthy in, who's one of my closest friends, and I said, "OK. You gotta teach him how to kiss. You gotta teach him how to hunt. You gotta teach him how to fish. What does he say on a date, because he is clueless. He has got no material."

So she teaches him what to say, gives him her greatest pickup lines yet, and he's ready for the mixer.

But this mixer, this week is completely different. This is the fun mixer of the season. We’'e doing a bikini mixer. Whoo! So we have all the girls show up for recruiting that are hottie patotties, and I'm basically looking at them to see what they're going to look like in their bathing suits. And then we basically head to the pool at the Avalon, which is one of my favorite places in all of L.A.

Sky's all excited because now he gets to see these girls in bikinis. We throw them into the deep end. Skylar's holding court, talking, wheeling, dealing seeing who he wants. But then I noticed Bill wasn't picking anyone. You know I asked Sky who he liked. He knew right off the bat who he liked -- which was Jen. I asked Sky, "Who do you like?" And he said, "Jen." Done, sold, sealed, delivered. It was great. Even though he had to pick two mini-dates, he ended up with Jen. It was cool as a wheel.

Bill on the other hand, not so much. But there was one girl at the mixer who I thought was perfect for him, Tracey, but she was wearing these stiletto tall heels and he doesn't like for anyone overpower him. So I made all the girls throw off their heels and put flip flops on. And all of the sudden he relaxed, and he became the man of the hour. And he picked Tracey, and everything was great. They're going to have this fantastic, fantastic date. At the end of the mixer, they even jumped into the pool. And he took Tracey's hand and jumped in with her and made sure she was all warm and cozy. Where Sky not so much. He jumped in, practically tried to drag me into the pool, and could care less about Jen, his date.

Skylar did just OK. He ended up doing hot yoga. Hot yoga -- that's like in a hundred and something degree temperatures, where you sweat out the toxins. It stinks in there. It's smelly. It's not pretty. Nobody looks ravishing. Not the greatest way to transition to dinner on a date.

But Bill on the other hand pulled out all the bells and whistles. He took her to the Santa Monica pier to play games and on the Ferris wheel, and they had this wonderful dinner. He really romanced his date

Although, Skylar and Jen are still dating, which is kind of weird because it he didn't really pull out the full court press. And Bill kind of lost Tracey in the end because I guess she didn't feel that much chemistry

In the end my you clients did OK, but not perfectly. They still have a lot of work ahead of them.

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