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The And Factor

Rachel laments Ayinde's fault-finding but she has some ideas for who to set Mitch's camel up with.

By Rachel Federoff

This week I thought, "Wouldn't it be swell if I brought one of the most sought after guys from our history, Ayinde." Remember him? Tall, dark, handsome, really loves his business? Yep that's the one. I have to say, don't let the cuteness fool ya. This chap is all about the "And" factor. What's that you ask? He wants the beauty and the brains, and he just can't seem to find it. Get out your Kleenex. It's such a tragedy having swarms of gorgeous women at your feet. Boo hoo.

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On the flip side we have Mr. Mom Mitch -- just a sweet guy with three kids who wants a great girl. Wait, there's gotta be a catch? No? Ok I'm digging this. Move over Ayinde Team MC has found our "And" in Mitch he's cute and sweet! Hooray! At the mixer we found both guys the cream of the crop. These girls were stunning AND smart AND too good for this radio-pushing, volleyball player. Did I mention he has a booming radio business? Seriously it's great stuff, and you must have heard of it? Mitch chose Tova and “AND-inde" chose Bracha (No it's not Brakkkkkkhaaaaa, not everyone is Jewish, Patti).

Mitch and Tova went out to the Serengeti of Malibu for some wine and camel feeding. This actually was a fun idea for a first date. No camel spit was involved so that was good. On the other side of town it was community service day for "AND-inde" and Bracha. I'm a huge advocate for charity and helping others, but getting a girl dirty planting on a first date is huge no-no. The dinners between both couples were like night AND day. Mitch and Tova were lovely and sweet, whereas Ayinde and Bracha were awkward AND uncomfortable AND judgemental AND a whole lot of nothing.

So there you go Ayinde you got a whole ton of AND. That's what you wanted right? Mitch you rocked, and I wish you the best! Mr. Camel give us a call I'll find you a lady camel with two perfect humps!

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