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The Brother's Gonna Work it Out

Rachel focuses on the part of the Cruz brother that most disturbed her -- working out.

By Rachel Federoff

Apparently Team MC decided we wanted to now be in Philly -- the city of brotherly love.

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This week we had the uber-Chrisitan Cruz brothers Abe and David in the house. Abe was "bad boy gone God" and David was "What Would Jesus Do with a broken heart?" They reminded me of TBN's version of Jersey Shore. I wonder if they would pay themselves to stop wearing their Forever Faith clothing? Ah well, they were a couple of nice sweet boys regardless.

Long story short, Abe chose Tiffany who gave him a sermon on how to work those abs and David chose Ayla who just batted her eyes and swooned at his sweat. By the way, Ayla, I love your Flashdance-Olivia Newton-John-"Let's-Get-Physical" workout clothes. Viva la 1980! I have to mention that no one seemed to point out the big no-no with these guys other than Abe wanting to get Tiffany into a hot tub -- and that's who in the holy guacamole would want to go on a double date and work out!?! No girl wants to sweat on a first date fellas! Patti, c'mon you missed that train!?!

Long story even shorter, David was quite the chap and that kiss with Ayla, wowzers that was definitely not "church tongue." Good job! Abe, well keep on designing those threads and pumping that iron and maybe you'll meet a nice gal on the runway or at a Turkish bath house -- I hear they have really great steam rooms for relaxing the muscles.

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