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The Prince and the Geek

Rachel wasn't a fan of Daniel's puppetry, but other than that it was a good week at the club.

By Rachel Federoff

We here at MC have quite the range of clients. At any moment we can have anyone from a fresh-off-the-bank-roll-millionaire to royal blood by way of a father's-father-cousin's- uncle's-dog-twice-removed. Yep it's going to be that kind of week.

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Destin brought Prince [INSERT REALLY LONG COOL SOUNDING NAME HERE], and I threw in Mr. New Money Nerd who stays home on a Friday night playing with his fine felt friends. FYI, I would never take Sin Halo to that puppet show! Creepy.

Long story short, Prince chose Clark, Prince kissed Clark, Clark said "Score," and they rode off on horse to a land far, far away before either of them turned into a pumpkin. Geek turned chic, Geek chose Punky Brewster's long lost, tooth missing cousin, Geek did some shots, and puppets rode off on horse with Punky.

Ahhh life is grand isn't it? Boy I need a vacation, Austria's nice this time of year yes?

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