Viva La Gay

Viva La Gay

Rachel discusses Matchmaker's foray into the "Gay Zone" and when glitter is appropriate.

Hey Toto, we are most definitely not in Kansas anymore! This week we entered the Gay Zone! All gay all the time! First time actually, in Matchmaker history having both clients gay. The Gays are truly my favorite type of client. As I always say, "Viva La Gay!"

We had our good friend Madison known for selling beautiful million dollar homes in Malibu and a wounded production company owner and sweetheart named Eric. Two fabulous guys looking for their knight in shining sequins! Can this get any better? I think not!

It was going to be an easy week finding a perfect handful of boys for our intimate mixer. Let me just say that we did find some, however not all were pretty and buchey on the gay front. Seriously between the scary speedo-wearing-shnoz-o-ramma-butta-face guy and Mr. I-love-glitter-so-much-it-has-become-a-permanent-fixture, I was beginning to worry. Hey even in the gay world it ain't all rainbows!

This really was a magical week again team MC scored two for two with Madison and Charlie and Eric and Christopher. Really no one screwed up, and no one screwed each other! Very proud of those boys! (Sniff) Take note straight land, this is how it gets done.

FYI, Patti, glitter does not equate to Drag Queens that's why you should just leave the gays to those who get it, capiche? Toodles!

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