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When Good Guys Go Bad

Destin explains how Mitch got his swagger back, and tries to pinpoint where Ayinde's good side has gone.

By Destin Pfaff

Rachel and I are getting married this year. I know, I know -- it's about time. We've been going back and forth on where to have it for months and finally settled on a city we love –- NEW YORK! It's going to be a intimate celebration with a few friends and family, and of course our son. . .who is my best man.

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Speaking of best men, my client this week is one my absolute favorites -– Mitch. Mitch is a technology guy who's ex left him for drug dealer. Ouch. He's a "soccer dad" who loves his kids to death. When it comes to women, he loves J. Lo and Brittany Spears. . .as in their look, not their music.

Also this week, Rachel has decided to bring back another favorite, Ayinde. Ayinde is a good-looking, former pro-volleyball player that has charm and charisma in truckloads. He recently started an internet radio station and has once again found himself single. He thinks he's the whole package, so he wants the whole package -- good schooling, good height, good looks, good personality, good family. . .good grief.

Mitch needs to work on his swagger. He needs to bring the bad boy out a little and not over share his feelings. He needs to butch up.

Ayinde needs to pocket his business talk and stop flapping his lips on how great he is. He needs to unarm that bad boy that's got the knife to throat of the good boy inside we used to know.

We decided to have an intimate mixer this week and give each guy five or six mini-dates instead of a whole room of women to choose from. We had our recruiting session that went amazing and were beyond prepared for the night.

After a prep talk between Mitch and I, our millionaires met and nervously prepared for the evening's event.

Mitch's dates go great. He's empowered and not as wounded. He's engaging, funny, and he found his inner swagger!

Ayinde can't get off the business tit and seems to not understand that the girls just don't care about his damn radio station.

Mitch chooses the perfect match, Tova -- a beautiful, sweet girl he takes on an amazing first date –- filled with car service, exotic animal feeding, and private chef prepared meals. They talk and connect. And even though Mitch slightly reverts back to his old ways of oversharing his feelings, Tova takes it with a grain of salt. A "wrinkle that can be ironed out," I like that.

Ayinde chooses Bracha -- a culinary instructor who has it all going for her -- brains, body, and talent. He takes her (without telling her mind you -- so she's all decked out) on a crappy first date planting a tree, followed by a diner where he grills her on food choices, education, and everything else under the sun. Ultimately concluding that she's not a good enough for him -- because she's got an up and coming business! Yep, throat officially slit of the good boy. Sigh.

In the end, Mitch balanced his good and bad -- and came out on top. Ayinde, on the other hand, didn't. Instead, he got kicked out of our offices. . . dragging his dead good boy behind him.

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