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Patti's Biggest, Most Tempting Mixer Yet

Patti spills on Marty's refusal to stop talking about partying and praises Seth's willingness to change.

By Patti Stanger

The Magician and the Giant Frat Boy

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Read Patty's full transcript after the jump!Seth’s a well-known magician in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only is he a magician, but he’s also a ventriloquist. So he’s doing voices all the time, and there’s not a chance that he’s helping himself get a date this way. He’s looking for a serious relationship. It sounds like he has some walls up because he’s been cheated on in the past, and he’s avoiding true intimacy. He needs look past the tits and ass and get under the hood of the car to find out for the heart and soul works.

Casting Seth G.

Marty’s a 32 year-old man who works in the film location business, and from his video all I’m seeing is that he’s just a big giant frat boy that parties all the time. He’s so distracted from all the partying around him that he just dated whatever party girls come his way.

Casting Marty Y.
I met Seth at Greg’s café. He’s afraid women use him for his fame, but he’s not that famous. He was cheated on in the past and many guys that are cheated on put up walls. I need to teach him that how to look at both the physical and the mental.

I met Marty at his giant mansion, aka, his “drunk pad” in Calabasas. Marty has a mullet and he’s not allowed to come to the mixer if he’s rocking that – that thing is ugly. He’s going to have to put away the frat-boy party guy in him if he’s really serious about finding true love.

Is He Marriage Material?

I’m recruiting for frat boy Party Marty and Shiny Object Syndrome Seth. For Seth, I’m looking for Natalie Portman types that aren’t after his money and aren’t just shiny, flashy objects. For Marty, I’m looking for Alyssa Milano types who can help him leave the party behind.

I’m going to do a special test mixer where the guys will be tempted everywhere they turn. It’s bikini pool vacation mixer, and it’s one of my biggest mixers to date. There are hot girls everywhere, and both of these guys need to improve their picker. Since Seth is physically driven, I’m watching him to make sure that he’s looking into the girls’ eyes and not down at their asses. I brought a ruler, and if I catch them looking down, I’m going to put the ruler right under his chin and call him out on it. Seth doesn’t make it long before the ruler was brought out! He just can’t resist. Seth picks Kate and Marian; for his master date, he picks Kate.

Pool of Temptation

Marty doesn’t ask them a question; it’s all about Marty. If I see him not listening to what the girls say and not ping-ponging it, I’m going to call him out on it.

Sounds like Seth and Kate made a connection! I may have broken down Seth’s protective walls -– he’s no longer looking for shallow, shiny object gals. I’m so proud of Seth, he was willing to learn, he opened up, and he changed his mind – this is awesome. Although frat boy Party Marty didn’t actually party on the date, it sounds like he talked about it a lot, which is probably almost works. Hopefully, he asks out Lisa again, and puts away the frat boy part.

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