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Patti's Vlog: Patti's the Love Doctor

Patti writes a prescription of love to help songstress Katrina Parker and her client Dr. Theo leave work behind.

By Patti Stanger


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This was a good week. My first client was someone I met before, Katrina Parker. She was a runner-up on ‘The Voice.’ She’s beautiful, smart, funny and a little bit quirky. She’ll be the first to tell you she’s a plus-size, not a tiny stick woman. So, of course, being in LA, the land of stick models, you’d think she was worried about that. But she’s not. She likes how she looks.


She wants to find a guy to share her success with. Her album came out, and there’s nothing she loves more than singing. But you can’t take singing to a candlelit dinner. She needs to learn that if she makes time for love, she’s not going to throw her whole career away.

I have the idea of to set her up with some guys who also might be in the same field, then they would understand what she goes through and her hours -- out playing at gigs and then being in the studio late.

My other client is a handsome rich doctor. What could be wrong with that? Theo. Theo can’t find a girl. Dr. Theo has a problem a lot of doctors have, he’s in love with being a doctor. It’s all he ever talks about. He’s not trying to be pretentious.  He really loves what he does, and he just figures that everyone else does it, too.


He heals people, he’s a chiropractor, he’s at work at least 12 hours a day. But I have to teach him to leave the work at work and to just be Theo, not Dr. Theo all the time.

We have this mixer at a great hidden location in LA called No Vacancy. Katrina asked me to sing with her to break the ice and help her nerves. This way, she can show the potential guys the thing she loves the most: performing. Well,I’ve been singing since I was a little girl, so I’m not gonna say no. We belt out one of Katrina’s songs, I have to say we sound pretty damn good.

So the mixer starts, and I’ve got a bunch of icebreaker cards at the table and they come in handy. Dr. Theo is talking about bring a doctor and Katrina’s talking about work. So we stop that from going on and we get some real conversation started. Man, if you can’t have a conversation, you can’t have a relationship, remember that.

Katrina seemed a little bit nervous, but in the end, she picked a great guy named David. He’s a choreographer and a singer, too. I don’t know if he’s a love match, but he’s a good choice to get her feet wet. Meanwhile, Dr. Theo picks a tall drink of water, Tania. She’s smart, but I don’t know if she’ll be into him, especially if he goes on about himself the way he has, especially about being a doctor on their date.

So Dr. Theo takes my advice and has a doctor-free date. Thank God! He takes her to the ocean, he loves photography, and they pose for some cute pictures together. It was beautiful. And then he takes her to a nice dinner, he rents out the place nearby. And they have a private meal, and get to know each other. You know what? This girl’s a great fit for him. She doesn’t fall for him and his usual lines and his crap. He has to be just himself. And it works. The date turns out great, they agree to see each other again.

Meanwhile, Katrina’s date David really tries to plan something special. He takes her to the House of Blues, and sets up a meal up on the stage, and they’re the only ones there. It’s pretty cool. Then they take a walk through the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which Katrina loves -- loves all that horror stuff, ghost stories, you know, anything like that. It’s a great time for all.

I’m not sure there was a complete spark, and she did talk about work a lot on the date, but she’s got the hang of it now, and I can see her in the a good relationship in the near future. So I’m really happy the way this week went.

Dr. Theo met his match with Dr. Patti, I always had a prescription for love. 

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