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Patti's Vlog: Stefan Richter Tried to Date Patti!

Patti dishes on her past with 'Top Chef's Stefan and helping a Vegas groundhog find love.

By Patti Stanger


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Okay, this was good week. Not because my old friend Chef Stefan was a client, but because I think I really helped my other client, Brian Minter.  Brian is a real estate investor who has a really simple problem: he lives in Vegas. His business in in Vegas, he dates in Vegas, but he always complains he ends up with the cocktail waitress or the club girl.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with working as a cocktail waitress or in the clubs, but Brian’s actually a really smart guy and he’s looking for someone that’s at a different point in their life. But he complains. He’s doing the same thing over and over again. I like to call it ‘Groundhog Day.’ And you have to break the cycle. He’s dating the same time of girl over and over and over again because he wants to. Until he sees there are other girls out there, he’ll be in the same nightmare over and over and over again. I help him break the cycle. He just needs the chance of trying something new and finding a new relationship.

My other client this week was someone I’ve known forever. I know Stefan Richter before he owned all these restaurants, before he was on ‘Top Chef’ and he was a pain in the a-- then, trust me.  He took my number quite a many times, and I didn’t even go out with him. Blech!

Of course, he’s an old friend, but when it comes to dating, he’s dated everybody! He’s like a kid in the candy store when it comes to women. I’m not taking him on unless he’s changed. He says he has. He really wants a relationship, someone to come home to. I ask him if he’s willing to spend money on the girl to treat her right. Show her some respect. He says yes, he’s changed  -- he was always really cheap. I don’t believe it, but I am willing to try. Everyone deserves love, even Stefan Richter.


But before I take him out, I introduce him to a couple of old friends of mine, really old! Roger and Dan. They’re in their 80s and honey, they have lived. They’re wise. One was with his wife for most of his life, he chose the road to love. But the other guy, he fooled around, never settled down. And he regretted it, not having a partner to spend his old age with. I tell Stefan choose your road carefully, stop screwing around, and find a good woman. Get into a f---ing relationship! I think he gets it, but I’m not convinced.

So at the mixer, I set up Stefan with an earpiece. I can talk to him while he’s meeting the girls. This turns out to be a great idea. Brian is doing great. He’s talking to the girls, getting to know them, he’s really connecting. He picks a girl named Aubrey. She has her own clothing business. Perfect choice. And you know what? She’s from Vegas. Isn’t that amazing? From Vegas! Who would have thunk it?

Meanwhile Stefan is doing his usual bulls---. He’s deliberately ignoring my advice in his ear. He refuses to compliment the girls. At one point, he and I are yelling at each other, he pulls out his earpiece, and he’s just being f---ing stubborn. I don’t know what country he comes from, but from where I come from you compliment the women.


Finally he settles down and chooses a great girl named Emma. She’s been all around the world, she’s not stupid. But he treats her like she’s just another bimbo. I told him he had to spend money on her, show that he had good intentions. Instead, he takes her to the beach. Uh, the beach is free. They proceed to just hang out. A couple of beach chairs, fire, some food in a cooler. I mean, that could be romantic on a third or fourth date, keep it simple. But not on the f---ing first date! But he’s really saying to this girl, I’m a millionaire, but I don’t really care about you. In the end, she felt that she had a good enough time, but was it romantic? F--- no! They were like two buddies. And that doesn’t lead to romance.

In the end, Brian finds love. He’s so happy. He and Aubrey have gone out several times, but Stefan? He’s alone again. I get him to promise to call Emma and try again. Maybe actually plan a nice dinner out. But I’m not sure if he has or if she even called him. He doesn’t follow through. So maybe, he’s hanging out with my old men, Roger and Dan. They make great wingmen.

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