Sweetheart Swayze and a Virtual Phantom

Sweetheart Swayze and a Virtual Phantom

Patti was thrilled to find a sweetie for softy Don Swayze, and tries to push online dater Randy into reality.


Read Patti's full transcript after the jump:

 My first client this week was Don Swayze, Patrick Swayze’s brother. I’ve seen him in so much stuff. He’s a character actor. He was in True Blood as the werewolf, a sexy werewolf. He’s been in The Bridge as an arms dealer and he always plays bad boys.

But I met him in the Marina and he couldn’t more different than the characters. In fact, he’s really shy. I call him Sweet Swayze because although he loves mountain biking and base jumping, when it comes to dating and relationships, he hasn’t really had a long term relationship since before he stopped everything to take care of his brother when Patrick was ill. But I know my way around people in the public eye, and I know I can help Don. I think he’s so nice and he looks great for his age.



My other client however is a mess. His name’s Randy Lehrman.  He runs and entertainment and DJ company, and he’s the entertainer. But not when it comes to dating. He dates almost primarily on the internet, which is fine, but he seems to be stuck in a little bit of a bubble. He doesn’t even know how to talk to a girl in person if she’s not online. And I’m not sure he’ll listen to me. This is one of those guys who argued with everything I said, but he’s the one who came to me for help.


I’m going to really try to find a girl who can put up with Randy, and for Don, what I hope he’ll have is his pick of the nice beautiful girls who share his love of the outdoors and can bring him out of his shell.

For the mixer this week we did a masquerade mixer. It turned out gorgeous, if I do say so myself. The masks helped out both Randy and Don with confidence. They didn’t have to feel all the way out there as they slowly go to know several of the girls. Randy immediately went into his cheesy act and I had to stop him cold. But I couldn’t get him to break out of his jokes and bad impressions, terrible impressions, awful impressions.


Don, on the other hand, did great. He was a gentlemen, only a little bit shy, but very sweet. He complimented the girls like I told him and finally chose a beautiful girl named Anne to go out with on a date. She was fun, but not overbearing and just as sweet. Randy chose a little bit of a spitfire, Jessica, and I was secretly really happy because she’s funny, got a spark, and might be able to keep him in line.

On the date, Don did everything right. He had an exclusive chef come in and make him and Anne a delicious dinner which they shared together. He was a little rusty at first, but he got the hang of it and I think Anne really liked him.

Randy, on the other hand, went the not-so-classy route and went go-karting with his date.  What is he f---ing twelve? But she actually liked it, it was the dinner where things went sour for her. She put on her best curvy dress and Randy didn’t even seem to notice. At the end, I talked to both Randy and Jessica together and she got to tell him in person what he did wrong.  Randy actually tried to ask her back out, but I don’t think that’s going to end well. Hopefully next time, he remembers that the date is not all about him and he has to get out of his little bubble if he wants to engage with a girl and to get her to like him.


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