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After His Speech, Africa Isn't Mad at Vawn

Africa prefers honesty in a relationship, and she won't give Alex the satisfaction of asking her to step back from Vawn.

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in and being on this ride with us. It is definitely getting good.

I felt sad seeing Emily and Justin's argument. We've all been in a situation with an ex where it over but not "over," and it is really hard. I hope they can figure it out. . .you can see that they care a lot for each other, but maybe some space is best.


I'm so excited and proud for Vawn and his new book! This is a new chapter of his life (pun intended LOL) and it's great that he's willing to step in a new arena. I'm all ears anytime a man is willing to be open and share parts of himself; Vawn is definitely a man that speaks his mind so I'm sure that his book won't disappoint. I can't wait to give my review!

Welcome to Sunny's! This is one of my favorite places in the world. . .literally a hair candy store! Dafina is one of my closest friends and we moved here to open the Atlanta location of Sunny's Hair and Wigs. Her family has been in the hair business for over 25 years and has locations all over the country. I was store manager until last fall. Even though I don't work at the store anymore I am a Sunny's girl for life! There isn't a wig, weave, clip-in, or fall that I haven't tried. LOL! I am absolutely a "hairnista." I even found a weave shop in Rio while I was on vacation!

Dafina has seen the ups and downs in my love life and career and I definitely trust her opinion. I do sometimes question if my sacrifices have been worth it, and if I'm going to regret some of the choices that I've made. . .and I do get emotional about it (wig tears LOL). Ultimately though, I don't want to live my life feeling the pressure of a "clock" or other people's opinions. I'm enjoying where my life is, and for now that is enough. I do agree with Dafina that at some point Vawn and I will have "the talk" or some version thereof, but now is definitely not the time. Meanwhile I'll be adding to my hair stash that is slowly taking over my closet.

Vawn and the guys at Bottle Bar: I wish I could've crashed this party. It was interesting to hear what all of the men had to say, especially because I know some of them personally. I feel like we always see groups of women talking about love and relationships but never a group of men in such an unfiltered way.

I'm sure everyone expects me to be up in arms about Vawn's feelings about commitment and monogamy, etc, but really to me it's not that controversial. I've been in relationships where men have promised commitment and exclusivity, meanwhile they were sleeping with everything moving LOL! So at this point in my life I'll take honesty -- because at least I have the option to choose what I want or can or cannot handle. Dishonesty is so hurtful because it takes away your choice. Now am I saying that I'm signing up to be in a circle of women that are all sleeping with Vawn? Not at all. What I am saying is that I respect that he is honest about where he is in his life and I have the right to choose if it does or doesn't work for me.

I don't have alot to say about the Valentine's Day party other than this: While I know that Emily and her friend had the best of intentions, I don't need anyone else to speak for me. There was nothing happening at that bar that I felt the need to address so I didn't. One date does not a relationship make. I would never approach another woman over a man. . .why would you give someone that satisfaction?


For my fellow hairnistas you can join me at my hair blog and on Twitter @hairnista for all things hair.

See you all next week!


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