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Be Honest About the Relationship You Want

Alex expresses her disappointment that the point of Vawn's seminar was missed and clarifies her statements on suffrage.

By Alexandra Dilworth

Wow that episode was REAL!

I can't believe what should have been an event for men and women to discuss their HONEST opinions about sexual relationships turned into an ego contest between Vawn and Tribble. Should we measure who has the biggest feet?


It was disappointing because I think the talk had a good message: what works for one couple doesn't necessarily work for another. Plain and simple. Who are we to judge what should and shouldn't be? Some people obviously didn't come with an open-mind (cough Emily and Tribble).

I think that Emily missed Vawn's major message, and that was urging couples to COMMUNICATE about their goals in a relationship. If you want to be casual, be casual. You don't owe somebody a monogamous relationship if that isn't either of your expectations. I think that the tricky part is when people aren't honest. Men can lie and cheat. And women can turn a blind eye hoping they will change.

I am the kind of girl who can handle an honest and casual relationship. Clearly Africa is not and got her feelings hurt. They are trying to make her the victim and me the bitch, but really I see things for what they are and go after what I want. Today, that's Vawn -- just to show I can (#sorrynotsorry).

Africa is just another sad woman in denial. He's clearly NOT ready to be tamed. Vawn is someone that takes his time before entering something serious, which is why I was happy we got a chance to talk. We've known each other for such a long time as friends but I think it's time we added some heat. I have no qualms about fighting for what I want (as you know LOL).

Now for the part that you've been waiting for: yes, it might have been a slight exaggeration when I said that "the worst thing that has happened to the home was women suffrage." But what I meant by that was before women's suffrage and the feminist movement, there were clear gender roles in the home: the men worked and supported the family financially, while the women cared for the children and the home. Children were watched closer and there was someone in the house throughout the day. When children get out of school now, there is no one home to watch them. They are more likely to get into gangs and to have lower grades. When both parents get home, most likely both are tired.


I like to look at marriage like a corporation. In a corporation, you don't have everyone doing everything; you assign people certain roles and they excel at those roles. Together, the corporation runs smoothly. A marriage should be the same.

Someone needs the role of the bread winner, the other is the homemaker. Doesn't matter which spouse takes which role, just as long as someone is at work and someone is at home. When the day is over, neither feels completely overworked or overwhelmed. They can just sit back and enjoy each other's company. I also hope they would each commend and praise the other for their hardwork.

So, yes I will get on my knees and cater to my husband. . .just like I expect my man to get on his knees and cater to me. That in my mind is a loving relationship. I have been lead a great example by my parents and it has worked for them for over 30 years. So I would hope that it works for me as well. But to each his own. . .that clearly isn't the role that Emily, for example, would like to play. And that's fine! I think that its important for us all to be honest about the relationship that we want

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