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Emily is No Southern Belle

Alex is no fan of Africa's decision to invite a plus one, Emily's behavior at dinner, or of Emily's tie-dye shirt.

Africa and I are acquaintances. We met at an event, struck up a casual conversation, and at no point did I complement her jewelry. If I had complemented her, my words would have been just as fake as her wardrobe. Because we are not close friends, I am not sure why she felt that it was appropriate to bring Emily to my dinner party. Africa's intentions may have been good, but this was an intimate party celebrating ME. There was no plus one on the invitation.

In my opinion, the audacity didn't stop there. Emily had some nerve to speak at my party. I would like to know who is more to blame: Africa for inviting Emily? Or Emily, who insulted me at my own party? Tweet me @darealdil to let me know.

Housewife or Trophy Wife
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You do not come to a party that you weren't even invited to and attack the host! I don't know where she learned her manners but that wasn't in my etiquette classes. Don't let that country accent fool you, she knows nothing about Southern etiquette. She is living proof that you can be a woman from the South, but not necessarily a Southern belle.

What was even more annoying than her accent, were her insulting words about my future plans and my mother. . .while right in front of her! Now that's just rude! I want to be a trophy wife because that is what my mother is. I know many might have a negative perception of what a trophy wife is, but I want to change the notion. Women should be proud of wanting to be a wife and mother. It's OK to not want to climb the corporate ladder. I applaud the women who are able to balance a career and family, but that's not for everyone. I'm speaking for those who want to dedicate themselves to taking care of their family in the home. I think that if one person can be the bread winner, then the other person should be at home taking care of the household. Many may call me old-fashioned, but it was just about 30 years ago when women really started leaving the home for the workplace. I just believe in the traditional family setting.

As we see an increase of women joining the workforce, you also see an increase in divorces. I just want to do any and everything I can so I can one day have a successful marriage.

I just want people to understand that this is my view because this is how I was raised. My mother was a housewife, therefore I was raised to be a housewife. Emily is a business owner because she was raised to be one. She can't be mad that we were raised different lifestyles.

At Africa's party, I can not believe that Emily said NOTHING to me. She disagreed with me at my party. If anyone needs to be ignoring anyone, it should have been me ignoring her! It was a clear presentation of her not having good home training!

She had the nerve to say something about my hair and humidity in Atlanta! Sweetie, black women wear their hair curly because of the humidity. We don't wear our hair straight often because humidity makes it curl up. My hair is perfect for Atlanta weather. Again, she needs to stop speaking on something she knows nothing about! She just sounds ignorant.

And one last thing, my dress cost nowhere near to $19.99 but if it did, I look amazing in my dress! At least I wasn't wearing a blue tie-dye shirt that looks like I made at home. Either way, who wears tie-dye in the winter!?! Better yet, who wears tie-dye at all if its not at a music festival. She might own a store but she has a terrible taste in fashion!

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