Alex Can't Fight Her Own Battles

Alex Can't Fight Her Own Battles

Emily wishes the drama hadn't escalated at Africa's party and blames Alex's crew for all the glass-breaking.

Oh lawdy. Well there you have it folks! Yes, of course Alex and I had to talk about the tension in the room BUT Alex ALWAYS let's her friends fight her battle -- JUST like they did at dinner. She has to grab her "crew" before confronting me, so she immediately put me in defense mode. Drinks were thrown and glass was broken at my friend Africa's birthday party. Glass would not have broken if she and her little friend didn't start this nonsense. Africa had every right to be upset with how this went down -- I know I would have.

Drinks Start to Fly
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If I hear trophy wife again I will scream!!!

I absolutely had to call Africa to say sorry for the night! It should not have gone that far, but when you cross me I will fight back. I do not let anyone walk all over me! I know when to say sorry and this was one of those times.

Oh my family! I love you so much! Thank you camera crew for getting me eating the entire time. I get a home cooked meal once a month and if you tried it, you would eat it all up too! 

Being at Village Tap with Justin equals AWKWARD! At least he remembers my drink of choice! The one thing about that boy is he can always make me laugh! We dated for a long time and we broke up and got back together multiple times. You will see our struggles throughout the season.

This is ALL I have to say about Alex and then I am DONE. I am so over talking about this girl. Alex go ahead and keep running your mouth. You're a joke. She is the one getting into the arguments with everyone. Etiquette class. . .you might need to go back and get a refresher! She needs to apologize to Africa for her actions and stop blaming me for the fight.

Oh! And Vawn's son... is ADORABLE!

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