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Emily Explains What a Trophy Wife Is

Emily elaborates on what she thinks of Alex's marriage plans and why she thought her goals (or lack of) were so offensive.

Thanks for tuning in to the premiere of The New Atlanta! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. As you can see from the first episode, I'm a very opinionated individual and will not let someone walk all over me. Yes, I am talking about Alex's dinner party for her "last semester in COLLEGE." Yeah, been there done that.

My girl Africa picks me up to take me out as my store just got broken into, (Oh don't worry I will get to that!), and all I needed was a nice dinner out with some girls and a BIG glass of wine. Little did I know what I was getting myself into!

Housewife or Trophy Wife
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Alex walks in with her mom decked in fur and I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew she liked attention but this was a whole other level. She says at dinner that she wants to get married at age 25, have six children and that a great place to meet guys is at a car wash. . .WHAT!?!

First of all, if you are dating a guy who rents a car to impress you. . .you need to drop him right then and there. That's ridiculous. It is not about what you drive or what nice things you have -- it's about a connection. But maybe I am old school and want to make my own damn money. But I guess that's what she wants because I cannot forget the part where she wants to be a TROHPY WIFE! Oh lawdy!

Definition of a trophy wife: A young, attractive woman married to an older, more powerful man.

Yeah that sounds terrible! I said something along the lines of "You literally want to sit at home and watch your kids for the rest of your life," and I am SURE some people are upset about that. However if you want that life -- that is fine but that is not what she wants. There is a HUGE difference between a housewife and a trophy wife. I have no problems with someone who is a housewife -- that is a full time job and I have respect for those families. I want my full-time job to be my business, so for me that is hard for me to grasp at this point in time in my life. Alex talks about her kids being in the streets but she's from a great family that is loaded. She wants to be a trophy wife which means your husband will be well off. So then WHY would your kids be in the streets and in gangs!?! It doesn't take a trophy wife to raise kids that are not in gangs. A lot that she says makes no sense to me!

The whole "argument" irritated me because we are at dinner talking about Alex's future as she is graduating. One of her friends said all I was doing as asking questions "What are you gonna do today? What are you going to do tomorrow?" Um yeah she graduates! From my point of view, you have to figure out what to do with your life! Her friends fought her battle and wouldn't shut up to let Alex answer. I was asking Alex, not them. Oh the whole check thing. I say, go fly a kite!

ANYWHO -- so the break in at my store. I have NEVER been so upset in my ENTIRE life. The call I got from my friend was heartbreaking. I shot up from bed and went to my shop! The scene there. . .I cannot put into words. I fell to the ground and screamed and cried. I wanted to know who the heck did this and why!?! You hear about these "blue jean bandits" in Atlanta but I didn't think it was seriously going to happen to me, as it had been a while since they have been around. Apparently, the main guy got out of jail the day they hit my shop, and to my understanding has since gone back to jail. I will never understand the guys who drove a stolen pick-up truck through a window. Morons! I have since moved to a new location and I couldn't be happier in a new spot!

Well thanks for listening. Chat with ya next week! 

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