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I Never Said It Was OK to Cheat

Vawn clarifies his point-of-view and shares what he really thinks about Emily and Tribble.

By Jevon 'Vawn' Sims

This might be the episode that was the most personal to ME. Watching how Africa was affected and her feelings made me feel a certain kind of way. Although we aren't in a committed relationship, as my friend how she feels is important to me because I finally realized that her saying she was cool with something and experiencing something were two totally different things.

I also learned inside of friendships there are major gray areas. You have to communicate very clearly to understand each other and grow. When she came to me her approach was aggressive and rude so my response was a reaction to how she delivered it. Everything is about how you communicate, even at your most vulnerable moment. Although I was upset I had to put myself in her shoes. When I saw the tears come down her face it changed my delivery because one thing I hate is to see is a woman cry. At that very moment I knew that I had to relay to her that our friendship was important to me and that I was sorry. My apology came from my heart.


Sitting down with Alex was one of the first times I felt she was sincere. When you look into a person's eyes you can see if they are real or fake. She really poured it on tonight. She was closer to the truth than she has ever been.

Alex is a cool girl and it's flattering that she says she really wants me. The problem is her actions have to show me that she wants me. I am not sure at this point if I should take that gamble, especially now that I know Africa really cares about me.


Side note: I LOVE the clothes Alex is doing for her rave company. Great job and keep up the good work.

Watching my Town Hall meeting put me in a difficult space as far as my personal growth. I've worked hard to give my vision to the world and once again you all didn't have the opportunity to hear the entire story. There were so many different men with stories good, bad, and not the norm. Some thought all men cheat. Others thought all women cheat. Some were happily married and said they would never cheat and spoke highly of their wives. My point is that you only saw what looked like the negative side which is cheating, and missed the beautiful moments of people being happy in their situation whatever it looks and feels like to them. Although it is hard to believe, women stood up and spoke about how and why they cheated. Cheating is a reality in many relationships and proves that it is difficult to be in a committed one. But let's clear something up. I NEVER said it is OK to cheat. What's great about my platform and these events is that people have the opportunity to tell their truths without being judged or disrespected. Tribble and Emily never came with the intention of being open and listening, but instead came in to be derogatory and nasty. When Emily walked in she started saying anything out of her mouth as she has done the entire season. She has the nerve to say I don't know anything about women. Well I know more about women than she knows how to be one. She has no couth, a potty mouth, and drinks more than the liquor store can sell. Watching her go to Tribble's game felt like they were plotting like two girlfriends in their feelings crying out for attention. I never had a negative atmosphere at any of my events prior to this one. They've always ended in great, healthy conversation.

Tribble's first mistake was walking up and grabbing the microphone. His second was trying to take over my event and calling people out of their name. Mistake number three was touching me. Three strikes and you are out! He is so lucky that all he got was a smack in the back of the head. If I would have gotten to Tribbe I would have really hurt him. I'm glad GOD is working on me to be a better man.


I love how Africa took up for me when the police came. Of course they would say I was the one that was wrong, but we all know who was in the wrong tonight. I thank her for telling the truth.

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