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Why I Wanted to Make Africa Feel Special

Vawn explains why he went the extra mile for his first date with Africa, and tries to explain Tribble's "leotard" jeans.

Hey everyone! I'm having a great day today and I hope you guys are too. It's 85 degrees here in Atlanta and I just wrote my morning inspirational pill. You can find it on my instagram page @jevonsims! Now let's get into the episode for this week. Man, I had such a great time with Africa on our date. Our first date was cool, sexy, interesting, intriguing, yes all that! I dressed up, cooked dinner, and hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries. I should do this more often because I usually don't do things like that. And we're only just friends but she looked so beautiful. Her lips were nice and the kiss was incredible for the both of us. Even the chemistry and eye contact were great! But I don't know what she really wants out of this. We just have to sit down and have a conversation about where this is going.


Women deserve to have dates tailor-made for them because I think it makes the night more special. I wanted to do something different, so I made sure I put some thought and work into it. It felt good because these are things, I thought were corny when it came to liking a woman. I felt a certain way about doing nice things for someone I like -- but now that I'm watching it on camera, I can see those things actually makes a woman feel special. I had to tell myself, "Don't worry about the world and what people think. Just go along with your feelings."

Humbly, I like that I am growing as a man and exceeding my expectations. I thought I was going to feel awkward but I didn't. When you really like someone, you should be able to look into their eyes and feel their thoughts to know what they want. It's great to put a smile on someone else's face. (And speaking of putting a smile on someone's face, I met a homeless guy today who needed food so I went in the store and let him pick out whatever he wanted. I love giving back especially to those who are really in need.) But anyways, back to our date. What I really loved about it was that she appreciated my effort. Whenever you find that woman that appreciates your effort, even if it's not that great, keep her around.

I like Emily's store. It's really nice and I'm proud of her. Africa and I showed up to Emily's party together and everyone was surprised, even Tribble. He was mad because he didn't get to talk to her but that's not my fault playa. I didn't mean to step on your toes. Real men go after what they want so if you really wanted to get at her, you should've called instead of sending a text! I thought it was funny because how are you hurt over someone you didn't even get a chance to know yet?

It was hilarious when he was making fun of me wearing my shades, but I don't make fun of him when he wears those tight ass jeans looking like he's rocking a leotard! I didn't know they made leotard jeans. . .must be a new style or something. HA! But it's all good man. Next time, if you wanted her that bad you should read my book, The Man-U-All. It talks about how women are attracted to men who values communication. Go buy my book off You would learn a thing or two just like I did.

Another interesting part of the episode was when Alex went to the rave party. To see her do that was different for me because I didn't know she was in to things like that. I've never been to one but after seeing it on TV, it looked like a lot of fun. It's crazy to see what people do in their spare time.

I tried to get Alex and Africa to make up but it didn't work. I guess that's how it is sometimes. Alex really has it out for Africa so I have to see how this one plays out.

Anyways, I hope your day is going fantastic! Make sure you continue to tune in every week and watch the drama unfold. . .It gets even better!

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