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Maybe Vawn Took Advantage of the Situation

Tribble explains why he decided to text Africa -- and why he'll be able to "enjoy the view" better than Vawn will.

By Tribble Reese

It's Week 3 y'all. Hope everyone had a chance to watch the show and is enjoying it. I feel like you are getting to see more of who I am!

OK, so from aside from all of the cat fighting/drama that is happening between Africa and Alex when the episode begins, does anyone else see Vawn taking advantage of an upset girl! Damn, no wonder I never really had a chance with Africa. If I had been the only male figure in the situation trying to make amends, OF COURSE it would have been easy to ask the vulnerable Africa out and get her out of that situation. OK, rant over.


Now, when we move to the bar scene where I am talking to Justin, I try to really get a feel of what he is thinking about with Emily. I have known Justin and Emily for a long time now, and they have been off and on in the past, but never have they gone this long being "off." Emily's parents might want Justin to be a "certain way," but I have never met a dude with a bigger heart. Even though he looks rough and tough like Detroit, he has a soft side that he truly shares to a girl he cares about. I think Emily realizes this when she says, "Is there still a future with Justin and I . . .maybe?" I think deep down these two have a deep affliction for each other.

When Justin and I were talking about what to do when contacting Africa for the first time, that was real, and I know that everyone reading this has gone through that same situation. With technology in our day in age, there are so many ways to talk yourself out of asking a girl out. It's so hard to be blunt nowadays. I feel like, back in the day before cell phones/internet, you asked a girl on a date to the local drive-in and a milkshake, and after a couple of those you were "courting" her and it was understood. Nowadays, s--- ain't so simple. You might THINK you are dating someone, and then all of the sudden she gets poked on Facebook by someone that grabs her attention and then off she goes on a private plane to Milan for a two week staycation with a guy twice her age. It's just harder, but I think Justin was able to help me out with a nice "intro text," to no avail because. . .obviously we saw what she had to say about calling versus texting.

My philosophy on that is it is determined on a situation by situation basis. I was going to call Africa, but then I feel like I wanted to get a feel of what she had going on with a text. If she would have responded, I definitely would have coordinated via phone call to discuss going out. I don't know, like I said, this is all so confusing and let's face it, no one has it figured out.

So behind-the-scenes, unbeknownst to me, Africa and Vawn are having a nice date at the house where they decide to light candles, feed each other strawberries, and try to swallow each other's tongues.


The first I have the chance to know about this is when Africa decides to come to Emily's party with. . .Vawn. I mean, can't a girl just let a dude know that she is busy or not feeling it. Maybe, I should have called, but I feel like with this one, I was victim of circumstances. I was upset that I was hearing one thing from Emily thinking there was some interest from Africa's end, and then getting a totally different vibe from Africa.

And when she said, "Sit back and enjoy the view, I think you will," I pretty much died. I mean what do you even say to that? But like I have said in earlier blogs, you have to have the belief that you don't care if you get rejected because there are a millions of other girls out there. But with Africa, I am afraid I let my emotions get too invested before having actually felt them out in person with Africa. Not gonna let it keep me down, though, and yes Africa, I will sit back and enjoy the view. I will be able to see better without wearing my sunglasses indoors. 

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