4 Things You Need to Know About New Couchers Budd & MacKenna

4 Things You Need to Know About New Couchers Budd & MacKenna

Get to know THE two new members of The People's Couch family before you laugh along with them this Season!

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Hold onto your hats, Couchpotatoes, because there's a new Coucher couple in town! Couple Budd and Mackenna are joining The People's Couch family this week and we have a feeling they're going to fit right in with the Coucher crowd! Here are the major things you need to know about our new young love birds before their big debut this Season.

1. Their First Date Was Almost a Bust

That's right, Mackenna almost friendzoned Budd after their first date when Budd confessed that bought a new shirt, got a hair cut, and made a special playlist. She thought he was a bit desperate, but Budd ulitmately won her over.

2. They Have Different TV Tastes

Just because they're a couple, doesn't mean they DVR the same shows! Mackenna loves guilty pleasures like My Strange Addiction and Big Brother, but Mike finds them trashy and gross, preferring shows likeĀ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. andĀ Daredevil.

3. Budd Is Very Sensitive to Smells

Keep a look out for scenes of Mackenna painting her nails. Apparently, Budd can't stand the smell of it!

4. They're Super Compatible

According to the laws of astrology, Budd and Mackenna, a Sagittarius and a Leo respectively, are completly perfect for each other and can handle each other's weird habbits and idiosyncrasies.

See more of Budd, Mackenna, and the rest of the Couchers, on this week's episode of The People's Couch, Friday at 10/9c!

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