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Alone In New York

Rodger Berman on how he survives Fashion Week with Rachel.

Hi everyone!

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Before I talk about tonight's episode, I wanted to thank everyone that is reading and commenting on the blog. Also, I totally agree with everyone that wrote, "I am the only sane one in a house of insanity." I couldn't agree more. I live in an insane asylum! Help! Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement.

Now on to tonight's episode - "Alone in New York." I've named this episode "Alone in New York" because it's kind of how I feel during every Fashion Week. If I told you that you can live with someone and not really see or speak to them (without being in a fight of course) you'd think I was crazy, but after tonight's episode, you'll know what I mean. I used to get upset about it, but in reality Rachel is just so unbelievably busy it's hard to get upset. There are so many people pulling her in so many directions that I try not to be another one. Plus, this is her job. She actually does try and include me when she can, but in reality I've been to a billion fashion events and while they are fun, the glow is kind of wearing off (no pun intended).

Being from New York, it actually makes things easier for me because I can pretty much make plans with my friends and know that she has something to do, so it gives me a good chance to catch up with everyone. What I think is very cool about this episode is that it gives a point of view (from a stylist's perspective) of why Fashion Week exists. For Rachel and her team, it's to look at trends and pull actual garments for their clients, which of course generates press for the designer. For (wholesale) buyers, it gives them a preview of what they can buy. For the press, it gives them a chance to critique, compare and talk about influences. I just think it's interesting that everyone's heard of Fashion Week, but in this episode you get a little glimpse of what really happens and why designers even put shows on in the first place.

The other thing I wanted to point out is the scene where Rachel is upset about the negative press she's getting. My motto, within reason, is that any press is good press. At least they're talking about her, which is better than no one caring. In actuality, it's really hard to read completely untrue things about yourself and have no recourse. You can't respond, because if you do, you'll never win, as there's no actual person to address and no forum to do so. Every blog picks up everyone else's misinformation and it just spreads. So my tip to you in this ultra electronic age is trust me, DON'T BELIEVE EVERYHING YOU READ, even if it's from a so-called "respectable" publication. Everyone's trying to get readers, and it's more interesting to drudge up conflict than to highlight success.

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