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Crazy Camp Zoe

Rodger Berman's thoughts on Joy Bryant, Taylor Jacobson, and Brad Goreski.


Hi everyone, welcome to the show! We're really excited that you decided to check out the crazy world that is camp Zoe.

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I'm just a minor part of that world, trying to support my lovely wife Rachel and her team - Taylor and Brad. Hopefully America will have pity on me for having to put up with the complete invasion of my personal space that I endure on a daily basis. And the fact that 90% of the conversations that take place at my house revolve around dresses, jewelry and shoes. Which is a nice segway into the first episode, which I personally call "In Search of Joy's Dress." Obviously not the segment's real name, but now that you've seen it I guess you know what I mean. In many ways this episode really points to one of the main reasons that Rachel decided to do the show. She wanted to let the rest of the world into her world and see exactly what it means to be a stylist. As you can see, it's not all fun and games. You really need passion, talent and an insane work ethic to pull it off.

People always stop Rachel and ask, "do you have to buy the dresses?" "Where does the jewelry come from?" "Who makes the final decision on what to wear?" It's not like other professions where you've probably known someone (i.e. a doctor, accountant, lawyer, hair stylist). I think that's why so many people are intrigued by what Rachel does. This episode also introduces Taylor and Brad. Yes, Taylor is as insane as she appears to be, but I mean that in a good way. I don't gravitate to normal, and she's obviously not. I absolutely love her and in many ways there would be no Rachel Zoe without Taylor. She's a very special person. I haven't known Brad for very long, but he certainly looks the part and he and Rachel are already turning out to be BFF's. I think that's why some of the drama between Taylor and Brad is taking place. Please let me know if there's any questions you'd like me to answer or other insight I can provide. Thanks again for tuning in!

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