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The Great Flood

Rodger Berman expands on the flood that rocked Team Zoe.

Episode two - "the great flood."

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The flood really added a level of drama to awards season that I could have done without. Everyone around the house was already on edge, and then to have that happen on top of it all - it put everyone in a REALLY cranky mood.

That being said, I think the best part of the episode has to be the shriek that Taylor makes upon discovering the drenched dresses. It has to be at least 5 seconds long and rivals the scream in the famous Psycho 'shower scene.' Plus, I guess Brad's cleanup was less than stellar, which strained Brad and Taylor's already frayed relationship and forced Rachel to step in and dish out some harshness.

On top of it, Rachel blamed Brad for using Fedex to get the dresses, which I thought was totally unfair. I think everyone was just on edge and had to vent about it. Watching it now its funny to laugh at Taylor's shriek, Brad getting in trouble and Rachel trying to pull it all together. In actuality, this episode is not my favorite as it brings up some terrible memories of a week that basically sucked!

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