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Oscar White Out

Rachel looks back on bad '90s hair, gives the deets on the Oscar white out, and talks Brad's saucy new 'tude.

By Rachel Zoe This episode it's your anniversary and it's also fashion week. So tell me about your anniversary and the gifts that you got each other...

Rachel Zoe: Oh my god. You mean the one he got me from Kiki? So embarrassing. That was so embarrassing. I'm totally not a lingerie kind of girl. I'm all about subtle sexiness, a tank top and boxers. We've been together almost 19 years, so when he got that for me I kind of looked at him like he had ten heads. I was like what? I don't understand.

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Would you have been that embarrassed if the cameras weren't there?

I probably would have been. But I think I was doubly embarrassed. I had like ten people around me.

Did the lingerie go back to the store?

No. It's here ... with tags on!

We thought it was funny that you bought a gift for yourself from him.

I know. I didn't think that he had time. So I thought OK this is something that he'll really want me to wear. So I thought gold handcuffs were really cool.

And have they been, uh, used?

Well, they've been worn as a bracelet.

Marisa got you the honeymoon home video. What was it like looking back?

So embarrassing. I was like, "Oh my god, what was I thinking?" I had brown hair and frizzy bangs. It's kind of hard not to when you're in St. Barts - humidity is against you. But watching those videos you get nostalgic. You realize how long you've actually been together.

Would you ever go back to brown?

Well, you never say never. But I really like being lighter. I feel a little more...


Maybe. A little more upbeat. A little more alive with blonde hair. But I play with the tone. I'm always super light in the summer and I go a little warmer in the fall. But I think I'm stuck in the blonde world.

It looks really good up! We saw the pictures you posted.

Thank you! I mean, I don't know. Let me tell you something, the feedback I'm getting about wearing my hair up, I'm starting to feel like I shouldn't wear it down anymore, you know? It's like when someone says to you, "Oh my God you lost SO much weight!" And you're like, "Uh, actually it was five pounds, so how fat did you think I actually was?"

People don’t know how to give compliments.

Totally true.

So you guys went to Babbo...

We did. That's been our tradition for literally at least ten years. I think we're always in New York for our anniversary.

But you didn't have your first date there because it wasn't open yet...

No our first date was at a restaurant called Palos in Washington, D.C. Literally our first date ever.

Is it still there?

I think it is still there. And they have amazing pretzel bread sticks. But we never go to D.C. anymore. Never. I mean you know me, I don't get out much. Unless it's for work I don't really go anywhere.

Well, let's get to the fashion. So first we have the Michael Kors show, and you were running a bit late.

Late is an understatement. I don't miss shows. I'm either going or I'm not going. I'm usually early. I always overestimate traffic. But traffic was so bad this year, I was just like, oh my god. And Michael is such a dear friend of mine and it's a show I never miss. So I didn't miss it, but we were running, running, RUNNING.

And you had to stand with rude girls...

So nasty! They were nasty, really vicious girls, saying "Wahh, I can't see," and I was like, dude, I'm 5'3'', cut me a break here, like I actually need to see this show.

Brad was so funny, he gets really saucy. He says to the girls, "Michael would want me to step in front of you cause I actually use his clothes. I don't buy them on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue."

[Laughing] Brad is very gets very protective of me. He does! We have each other's backs. I mean when someone messes with Brad, I'll just go all crazy.

We're seeing this year that he's a little saucier.

Yes, he's definitely saucier. I think Taylor suppressed him. He was afraid to do anything. He was afraid to breathe the wrong way.

Now he's letting it all out.

Yeah, totally, and rightfully so. I like it.

So your sister was there during Fashion Week. Was it nice to have her in the city?

Yes. My sister is my best friend. Having her around is just a bonus. If Rodger's not around, having a sister is the next best thing. If I'm going through a crisis and Rodge has to travel for work, my sister will fly in. I'll always be OK if she's there.

What did you think when you saw her shopping with Rodger?

I meeean. So inappropriate! So inappropriate. My sister is super modest too, so it's just trying to imagine her...

Were you surprised?


Does she still bother you about having kids?

Yes. She does. Only a couple times a year, but not annoyingly so. She knows she's one of the few people who can ask. She knows I'm dying to be a mom. I just have to figure out how to get there. That's all. Unfortunately it's a theme that reoccurs throughout the season. But I think motherhood's the greatest thing in the world, and I'm super excited about becoming a mom, but I just have to jam on the breaks.

Do you like being an aunt?

Honestly being an aunt is my favorite job in the world. It's funny because it's the one I don't get paid to do. You know? But it really is my favorite job. There's nothing I love more than being with my nieces and nephews. My entire world freezes. They're everything to me. Everything. So I can only imagine when it's my own. I mean, I can't even imagine. Literally cannot imagine. I'll never want to leave home.

I guess that's why you can't find time for it yet?

Exactly, that's why I haven't done it yet.

You had your QVC fashion show in this episode.

Yes I did, and I'll be doing another one September 11th.

How did that idea to do it as a fashion show come about?

Well, it was my second show and it's something QVC is doing now to broaden their presence at Fashion Week. People seem to really love it. So it's been really fun.

It was hilarious when Brad and Rodger called in.

Oh my god, so funny. So funny. I thought they were kidding. I totally thought they were kidding. Typical, right?

Oh well, lost you a sale!

[Laughing] Yes, well that's my support team. I'm a lucky girl, a very lucky girl.

So tell us more about the "white story." You really wanted to look for white Oscar gowns, and then you get an email that there's no white allowed.

Sometimes the Academy producers give direction. It's rare. In my history I don't think I've ever dealt with that before. But they really didn't want white I guess because the stage was white and with the production and the lighting ... I don't know. I had never heard of something like that. I was like, oy. I had a whole slew of white dresses! My clients LOVE white. Who doesn't love a white dress? I mean if you look at my history of styling, I'd say 50% is white.

So I guess we'll see next week what happens with the Marchesa dress, and why it ended up with Sandra Bullock and not one of your clients.

Yes, well the designers from Marchesa are really good friends of mine. It's one of those things. They have to do what's best for their business, and I have to do what's best for mine. Sometimes you get into a situation where you don't know what to do.

It looks like they removed the bow from the dress.

Yes, they did. That was an amazing dress. You know, Oscars can be kind of an ugly time. But we'll see what happens next week! I just loved this week's and next week's episode.

Brad was so funny this week!

I'm telling you, he takes no prisoners this year!

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