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The House of Rachel Zoe

Rodger talks Milan Fashion Week, starting a family, styling Kate Hudson, and more.

By Rodger Berman This week we see that Rachel is planning to go to Milan for Fashion Week, but you guys take a detour to London. Were you in favor of that detour?

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Rodger: The answer is not really, because we had already been away I think for two weeks by that point, and we had a lot going on, and it was just too much to deal with. All of a sudden we had to re-route everything to stop in London for two nights. I love London, but she was so stressed already, and I didn't want to add another wrinkle to the whole thing and stop at another event. So the answer is not really.

But she went there to meet up with Kate Hudson, and you said you kind of like when she hangs out with Kate, because she turns into this different person. Can you elaborate on that?

Yeah, I kind of look to Kate as a good role model for Rachel. You know she's out there with a great career, she's a mother, she's got a lot going on, but she doesn't let outside things get in her way, and she's a generally happy person. I think she handles herself very well. She's independent, and I think it’s nice for Rachel to be with people that are mothers but also career people. She needs an example in her life

When you guys visit the Missoni studio, you have this moment with Rachel where you point out that it's a family business, and it would be nice if Rachel's business could be like that. Then Rachel takes it like you're pushing her to have a baby.

That's not what I meant. I think what I realized is that this is more than just a business. This could be something that in sixty years from now our grandchildren or our nieces and nephews could be involved with. We're creating something that has lasting value. This could be the beginning of something that people read about. People may not know who Rachel Zoe really was, but they'll know the brand, the name, and it's wild that we could create the House of Rachel Zoe. It's always nice to have family involved so that there's a common thread, and they definitely had that at Missoni. And I thought, "Wow, this is kind of beyond what I thought we were really doing." It just made me feel really good.

We see every year that Rachel doesn't always have a lot of time during Fashion Week, and this year we see that maybe you're being a little more vocal about the time issue and things like even if she doesn't find a certain dress, there's another dress. Are you just at you're breaking point?

I think that for me personally I'm starting to understand that there's a lot more. I've always had a really good ability in my own life to separate business and emotion. Rachel takes everything to heart and really cares so much about every single thing, but I'm just really starting to think the As I get more involved I'm trying to let her know that there shouldn't be these high highs and low lows, it's just business. There are good things and bad things and you have to be very professional about it. You can't just be on this rollercoaster all the time. We've done this before, and for me the novelty has worn off.

We also see the lack of separation between her personal and professional life. Rachel's dressing a little more provocatively for a show and you make a comment and Brad and Joey are there. And you say that they're always there, do you ever say like, "Can you guys leave?"

I don't actually say it. I think Brad's pretty aware of when we actually need to be alone. What happens is that Rachel likes having people around, she really does, even though she's a very, I don't want to say private, but a very independent person. So she is always very happy to have people around. And I'm a social person, I'm happy to have people around, but there's something about living with people in your space all the time that gets to be a little much. Whatever conversation you want to have just with your wife, you can't, because there's always people around. You kind of miss out on having some intimate conversation sometimes. When we go on vacation, and it's just us the two of us and it's such a nice time. It's kind of weird! We do silly things together like grabbing coffee, doing nothing really. But doing nothing one-on-one is refreshing.

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