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We Are Family

Rodger shares how happy he was to see Skyler in the backseat and the process it took to get him there.

By Rodger Berman

The home stretch of Rachel's pregnancy was a very exciting and important time for us all to take care of last-minute preparations for baby Berman's arrival. Once I made sure that everyone would not be bothering Rachel with anything work-related, I focused on my next very crucial mission: to find a push present. For years, Rachel has talked about wanting a cushion cut diamond so I turned to our longtime friend and jeweler, Neil Lane, to find something truly amazing. . .which I did! I picked out the sickest diamond ring to surprise her with while she was in the hospital.

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When Rachel went into labor, I obviously wanted to film everything—I tried to hire a professional videographer, but that didn't go over so well -- and even though she hated me for it, I did get some great footage of her doing her hair at 4 o'clock in the morning right after her water broke.

Childbirth is nothing like the movies—you think your wife's water breaks and then you go to the hospital and the baby comes out and that's it. In reality, you go to the hospital and you sit around and wait and wait and have visitors and then wait some more, but then 16 hours later, the baby finally comes. . .which is an indescribable event that makes everything so worth it. Taking Skyler home for the first time was the happiest moment of my life because I realized that it's not just me and Rachel anymore, there is someone else in the backseat. . .we're ready to start our life together as a family.

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