Meet the Family

Meet the Family

Kandi talks about Kim, NeNe, and Sheree's confrontation, and her relationship with her mom.

Well, well, well... tonight the 2nd episode aired and I watched it with my mother. Before I start talking about my scenes I guess I'll discuss everybody else's scenes first.

Now let me say this: I LOVE Lisa, but seeing her and Ed getting in the bath tub together was a bit much for me...LOL. I don't know why, but the whole romantic scene didn't feel right to me. Maybe because the whole time I'm thinking about how the camera crew is in the room. Were they naked for real in the tub??? Or did they have on swimwear??? I will have to ask Lisa about that the next time we talk.

OK, I also wanna say that I LOVE Nene's husband Gregg. Nene, not so much (LOL), but Gregg is great! I love the way he is always so diplomatic and a peacemaker. The way he breaks things down just really make you say, "Yeah, he's right." Did anyone else laugh when Nene was talking about apologizing for something and he said, "What does that sound like?" and she said "What?" and he said "you apologizing." That was funny to me.

So that brings me to the dinner with Kim and Nene. They looked like they have fun together. I wonder how many drinks they had when Nene decided to do the boobie squeeze. That looked crazy as hell. LOL...I wonder what sparked that. And did she light weight throw Sheree under the bus with the nose job line??? I'm not trying to be messy but when she said it, I was automatically thinking, "Is that true?" and if it is true, is she OK with the world knowing? Not that it's a big deal, because it isn't. But we all know stuff like that is a sensitive subject for some people.

Now let me just skip to the dinner with the three of them at the end. Kim and Sheree going back and forth about what they did and did not say about Nene was crazy. I don't know for sure but in my opinion I think they both probably said things. They've both had disagreements with Nene in the past and when people are mad they do say things that they sometimes regret later. Sometimes the ladies on this show make comments about each other that are below the belt. Meaning, it's one thing to say she's crazy, or I don't like her, or she lies a lot, or whatever... but it's a whole notha story to tell people's personal secrets for the world to hear. At least it is if you've been friends or have a history with each other. It reminds me of what my mama always told me, "Watch Out For Mad Day." For those of you who have never heard that saying, it's when you become friends or "good associates" with someone and you share personal things with them. And then the first day they get mad they go telling all your business! Hence the term Mad Day...

And I really wish Kim didn't swear on her kids lives and say, "Strike them dead if I'm lying." I hate when people do that. It made me cringe when she said that. Kim, from now on if they don't believe you, don't even worry about it. It's not that serious. You don't owe them all that. I understand you wanted to make it clear how much you meant what you were saying, but don't let them have you go there. By the way, how many times do they mention Kim's name? Is it me, or is every conversation they have about her? Maybe it was just this episode.

OK enough about them. It's time to get on myself. Everybody says don't read the blogs, but I can't help it. I'm addicted! When I first signed on to do the show a lot of the blogs really went in on A.J. I felt really bad because I expect them to say crazy things about me, but for some reason I didn't think about all the negative feedback he'd get. I was sad that my decision to be on the show brought so much drama into his life and into the lives of his kids and their mothers. There were times he said that he hated that I even signed on to do the show. Call me dumb, but I didn't think he would be such a big story...LOL. Now prior to me becoming "The New Housewife" I was already having issues with my mom accepting my relationship with A.J. The things that came up on the blogs only made it worse.

Speaking of my mom. So, you guys got to meet the family. What did ya think? It's funny looking back at that day. That was actually my first day of taping and we had a huge emotional blow out. There were way more things said and way more tears than they showed. I'm sure you can tell we are very close. My mom is the youngest of 14 kids, and yes, all by the same mother. All born and bred right here in ATL. Wasn't it too funny when my Aunt Bertha started naming all my other living aunts and uncles "Aunt Nora, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Hazel, Uncle Bebo, Uncle Booley ..." She was the star tonight for me! When she said "and if it don't work out TO HELL WIT IT!" I loved that line. She's the "Caroline" of our family. "Our family is as thick as thieves!" I can so relate to them (the New Jersey Housewives for those of you who don't know who I'm talking about.) My mom wasn't hearing any of that -ish Aunt Bertha, Aunt Nora, or I was talking about though. Uncle Ralph was trying to be neutral. I gotta tell ya'll this - it's too funny. Aunt Bertha is singing a different tune now. She called my mom's tonight and said, "I need to go in the backyard and dig up some dog sh*t for siding with that relationship!" OMG! Hilarious!!! I couldn't do anything but laugh. I call them the black golden girls and she's the one always saying crazy stuff like Sophia.

Watching that episode makes me teary-eyed every time. Even though it was months ago and so much has gone on since then, I still feel the emotion of that moment. There was so much strain on my relationship with my mom at that time. It was killing me! I understand how she feels about not wanting me to marry a man with that many children, but the part when I said "I'd rather have a man with a bunch of kids that showed them all love than a man with only one child that he never talks about and doesn't spend time with," I meant that. I've been getting so many people that hit me up and say "Listen to your mother, don't do it!" I appreciate all the love and your concern, but don't worry about me because like Aunt Bertha said, if it don't work out, my family will be there to help pick up the pieces...

Much Love,

P.S. Did I just write a book or what?! I promise it won't be this long next time.

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