Pot Meet Kettle

Pot Meet Kettle

Kandi reacts to Sheree and Kim's fight, Kim's nanny nightmare, and NeNe drama!

Ok, so it has taken me a week to finally sit down and write my blog. I had to perform this week and I had a million things going on leading up to the show. Needless to say, I got behind on my blogging duties. I found last week's episode to be very interesting. Well before I get on that episode should I comment about the extended director's cut of the Kim and Sheree fight? Hmmm ... not really. That was just a big mess. I did find the part about Lindsay Lohan's dad being there a little funny. By the way, who was that dude with his hands around Kim's hips? I asked her about it and she said it wasn't how it looked. Well it looked pretty incriminating ... I hope Big Poppa doesn't watch that.

Well back to last week's episode. Let's start with Kim's nanny. If she would have told my daughter, "You're going to hell," please believe ALL HELL WOULD HAVE BROKEN LOOSE on her ass! My mouth dropped open when she said that. What type of thing is that to say to a child? Especially in front of their mom who pays you! Kim seems to let a lot of things slide with a lot of people in her life. She definitely needed to fire her.

Like I told ya'll a couple a blogs ago I check my Twitter page often to see what people are thinking. On Twitter everybody had lots to say about NeNe and me. Well let me start with myself first. They made comments about the look I gave NeNe. To be honest I didn't even realize that I gave her that crazy look until I watched it. I really wasn't trying to be shady with her and we didn't have any problems that night so it didn't seem like she took offense to the way I looked at her, at least not that day. When she said "Would you like for me to serve you?" I thought she was trying to be funny. So that's why I was being sarcastic when I said, "Isn't that sweet, you offering to serve us." After that she started playing around singing "Tardy For The Party" all crazy sounding and I was thinking 'OK ... you're just gonna make fun of Kim's song while she's standing here ... alrighty then.' I didn't have an attitude. I just don't hide what I'm thinking very well. I've always been told I have that problem.

Now on to what they were saying about NeNe. The main thing people kept saying about her was, "Why is she such a HATER?" and "Why is she hating on Kandi?" I have no idea. Where did all that come from??? Even Puffy got on Twitter calling her a hater and he even said she must suffer from "Bitchassness" (that's a word he made up on his show, Making The Band.) My mom's theory is that NeNe is like a jealous boyfriend, she's gonna have a problem with anybody that gets close to Kim. First it was Sheree, now me. Well I don't know if I'd go as far as to call her a jealous boyfriend, but it is a strong coincidence that she has the most problems with people who are cool with Kim. I found it funny that she was chiming in with Dwight as they both dogged out AJ, when just the week before she had to call a meeting with Kim because she supposedly talked about Greg. She's a constant contradiction of everything she says. She gets mad when Kim talks about her, but she's constantly talking about Kim. She'll mention other people's business but hate when people talk about hers. She even had the nerve to call me "Ghetto" when ... do i even have to say it??? In the words of one of my wise twitter friends, "Well hello pot, meet kettle!"

Much Love,

P.S. I could care less on whether or not she likes my voice. That's her opinion and it don't mean much to me.

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