What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Hear from the newest Atlanta wife about the dramatic season premiere!


I received the copy of our first episode almost a week ago. I was so excited to see it, because I've been on the edge of my seat to see how it would be edited. I watched it alone at first just to make sure that I didn't say anything too crazy that I needed to pre-apologize for. I have the tendency to speak before thinking sometimes. Something that I'm trying to work on, but it's a process.... Y'all are gonna have to work with me people!

Well anyway, I knew that I was gonna have to write a blog about the show and I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to say. I waited until last night when the show actually premiered to start writing because I wanted to see what my twitter friends commented on the most. Just so that I could get an idea of what people really wanted to know the real deal about. So here goes!

FIRST. A lot of people commented on my daughter Riley, mostly saying how much her personality cracked them up. She cracked me up too! To be honest she was the highlight of the show for me. Of course I'm bias though. That day when we were talking about her and A.J.'s kids being sisters and brothers and she stopped and said, "No, we will be friends," I was like ok.... There was really nothing else I could say. Blending a family is not easy and you can't force things on children. Riley has been an only child for a long time. So having an instant big family will be a major adjustment. The part that really caught me off guard was when we went in her room and I asked her how she felt about us getting married. When she said that she wasn't really excited about it I was shocked. I know that sounds crazy, but I thought everything was going well. She always seemed happy, and we were always doing fun family stuff together, and she would even ask me when were we getting married. So needless to say that shocked look on my face was real! To find out that my daughter wasn't as excited about us getting married as I thought she was and to have to hear it while the cameras were there kind of threw me for a loop. Well that's reality for ya I guess! Riley speaks her mind which is a quality I love about her.

Ok so the SECOND thing people all kept talking about was, "Why would you marry a man with six kids?" I love kids, and I feel that if you love the person then you should love their children just the same. Our relationship got very serious very fast. I knew he had children going into the relationship, just not how many. And because I had already caught feelings for A.J. I decided that I was gonna keep riding with him. Sometimes you can miss out on a good thing if you go by what other people think is good for you.

Enough of that! Let's get to the THIRD thing everybody wanted to talk about - Ms. Sheree Whitfield!!! She set the season off with a BANG! I can't believe the nerve of that guy. What the hell was he thinking about??? Talk about career suicide. And she was so cool when she said, "And who's gonna check me boo?" I was cracking up! My other favorite Sheree quote was. "I felt like pickin' up the phone and calling up Pookie and 'em and have them come whoop yo ass!" HILARIOUS!!! I had to text her immediately and tell her how much I loved it. I probably rewound that part 5 times back to back.

Those were the top three things people mentioned to me on twitter. Now there's one thing that wasn't on the twitter, but I saw on a few blogs that I wanted to address. Somebody said that I sounded like a name dropper on this episode. I hate name droppers! I was asked to mention some of the people I've worked with or some of my accomplishments so that people who didn't know anything about me could get to know a little of my background. So that's why and only why I named a few. I don't just go around rattling off names of people I've worked with. That's not my style. I only give names when I'm asked about whom I've worked with.

Well my final thought is - what have I gotten myself into? I've been living a real laid back life for the past few years. Being a songwriter and not focusing as much on the artist side allowed me to just kind of be under the radar. Well that's all out the window now! Am I ready for what's to come? I don't know really, but it's too late to worry about it now. Catch ya next week!

Much Love,

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